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Diao Aiqing: A Murder Case Still Unsolved

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Diao Aiqing was an 19-year-old first-year student at Nanjing University’s Adult Education College who was brutally killed and dismembered on January 15, 1996, which remains one of China’s most shocking and mysterious crimes.


  • Diao Aiqing was born in Shengao, Jiangyan District in Taizhou, Jiangsu on March 1976 as the      youngest of two siblings.
  • Diao’s family lived in poverty, while her elder sister dropped out to find employment. Diao         continued her studies and excelled academically, enrolling at Nanjing University with the           Department of Information Management to major in computer applications and majoring in           computer applications at Nanjing University.
  • She moved to Nanjing in October 1995, described by people as “introverted and simple”, who      didn’t enjoy social interaction with people.
  • To avoid disrupting her studies, Diao’s family restricted communication with her as much        as possible – even going so far as not informing her of the death of her grandfather and sister’s      wedding.

How She Disappeared?

Diao went missing on January 10, 1996 at around 8:30 pm after she and her dormitory roommate were punished for using an electrical appliance illegally. Following an altercation with dormitory management, Diao left and never returned home

She was last seen alive wearing a red coat with black lining on November 7.
Although reported missing by authorities on November 7, her family did not learn of it until January 19.


  • On January 19th 1996, a sanitary worker discovered meat near a university campus that initially appeared to be pork, so she brought it home and cooked it before discovering three human fingers while preparing the dish. When reporting her find to police she received confirmation from them as proof they came from an individual human.
  • Human remains were eventually located across eight locations near the university campus, including at a stadium, entrance gate, hospital and along roadsides. After further investigation by police officials, their results confirmed they were indeed Diao’s remains and informed her father to visit Nanjing immediately.
  • Between January 20 and 30, Diao’s head and clothes were discovered.

Investigation Of Diao

  • Investigation mes Over 2,000 human remains were recovered. Diao’s head and internal organs had been boiled in boiling water for several days; crucial organs like the heart, liver and spleen could not be located; only body hair analysis could identify her remains as belonging to female victims.
  • Police embarked on an exhaustive manhunt, but no suspect was ever captured or charged for this heinous murder; its motive and method remain unknown; this case has become widely known in China as either Nanjing 1-19 Incident or 1-19 Dismemberment Case.
  • On January 2021, the Ministry of Public Security Criminal Investigation Bureau issued a statement clarifying that prosecution of this case would continue beyond 20 years and stated they will continue their investigations.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guiding To Your Questions

Q: Who Was Diao Aiqing?

Diao Aiqing was an 19-year-old first-year student of Nanjing University’s Adult Education College who was violently killed and dismembered on January 10, 1996.

Q: How did she die?

A: She was killed by an unknown individual who used boiling and cutting techniques on her body before placing each fragment into bags for disposal.

Q: Where did her remains lay?

A: Her remains were scattered among eight locations within or nearby the university campus.

Q: Who murdered her?

A: Unfortunately, the person responsible has yet to be identified or apprehended.

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