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Last updated on September 9th, 2021 at 01:50 pm

Season Of The Wish is the sequel to The Evidence For Destiny

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Destiny news: we’re less than a month away from the start of Destiny 2’s next season, which will include our first glimpse at Bungie’s The Witch Queen expansion.

But, given the Witch Queen’s delay and unclear release date, Season 15 is crucial as a bridge to that point.

It also appears destined to be considerably longer than a typical season, perhaps 5-6 months.

I’d like to discuss what I believe the focus of next season will be, as well as why I believe we’re going in that way.

This isn’t based on any leaked material because, to some extent, I’ve avoided that one large leak document that continues getting handed about.

I haven’t heard anything about season 15 on it thus yet.

Season 15 will be wrongly referred to as Season of the Wish until I hear otherwise, just as season 14 was incorrectly referred to as Season of Glass before the Splicer identity was revealed.

The 15th desire is an important part of Destiny’s plot, as it is the ultimate request connected to Savathun, Riven, and the Dreaming City’s fate.

And I believe that is where the focus will be this season, and not only because the numbers are in line.

So, in Season of the Hunt, we got a message in Zavala’s office at the tail end of a slew of Osiris communications from none other than the missing Mara Sov herself, claiming she’s on her way back.

Here’s how I transcribed the message in its entirety:

“I’ve evacuated the armouries on the outskirts of the system to all four corners.

Corsair warship fleets were dispatched. Harbingers have been deployed.

Despite this, the Black Fleet continues to exist. I’m aware of what you’ve lost.

Petra… I apologise for being absent for such a long time. Your kindness and leadership have been a blessing to me – and to our people.

Everything began with the Dreaming City. I’ll come back to finish it. Savathun will be waiting.” (sigh)

So, this strongly suggests that Mara Sov is returning to the Dreaming City, and that this is an event that would occur prior to the Witch Queen, rather than during it, when the attention will undoubtedly be on the new zone (currently theorised as Old Chicago). So I’m betting on the following season.

In the past, events from this season have come together to create a plot that could lead to the eventual shattering of the Curse of the Dreaming City.

The time loop portion of the Dreaming City curse, the repeated three-week cycle, was caused by Quria, the Vex Taken Mind and Savathun’s pet.

In principle, her death should be a significant step toward finally ridding the Dreaming City of the curse, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Quria’s demise opens the door for that to be the main storyline next season.

I’m not sure what the “ultimate” step would be in completely removing the curse, but that’s where we might be headed.

It also makes sense to me that the Crow plot is nearing its conclusion.

Crow has been developing his persona for the past year, with him being distinct from the man he used to be, Uldren, and yet we occasionally catch flashes of his former self, which isn’t meant to happen with memory-wiped Guardians.

So what happens if his long-lost sister, whom he paid his soul to get back, reappears?

It’s reasonable to assume that this will be the conclusion of his year-long storey.

There’s also the possibility that after the Dreaming City curse is lifted and the land is cleansed, vaulting the zone, along with Forsaken content, the dungeon, and the raid that are all integrally linked to the curse, might be a plot incentive to vault the zone.

We know something is departing with The Witch Queen, and it would make sense for a “cured” Dreaming City with no Taken infestation to go, unlike how the Darkness engulfed the other vaulted zones.

However, while it makes sense in terms of the tale, I don’t believe it makes sense in other ways, therefore I’m sticking with my guess that the EDZ will be vaulted instead.

There’s too much overlap with another forest-filled Earth zone if the Witch Queen comes Old Chicago.

Now that the Red War campaign is over, the EDZ barely has any storey value.

And, as Bungie has already stated, Forsaken content should be made available to players for a period of time before being removed entirely.

But, I suppose, it’s plausible.

Anyway, that’s my Season 15 theory, Season of the Wish. As we learn more, I will make adjustments.

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