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Jonathan Koleski and Marshall Ervin Jr, Deputy Officers Killed


Why Deputy Officers Killed: The two deputy policemen were shot and killed while executing an arrest warrant in the Georgian community of Hampton Glen on September 8, 2022, in the United States of America.

Marshall Ervin Jr. and Jonathan Randall Koleski are the names of the two males. Both of them were deputy deputies working for the Georgia sheriff’s office.

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Deputy Officers Killed: what happened to them

deputy officers Killed

Marshall Ervin Jr. and Jonathan Randall Koleski, the deputy sheriff’s deputies, had been devotedly working for the Georgia sheriff.

In 2007, Jonathan Randall Koleski began working for the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office. Marshall Ervin Jr. afterwards had the opportunity to join the Cobb County Sheriff’s office in 2012.

Both deputy officers were wed to their wives and had a large extended family. According to rumours, Marshall Ervin Jr. and his wife were able to have two children.

At 2474 Hampton Glen Court, in the Hampton Glen neighbourhood close to the intersection of John Ward and Irwin roads, in Georgia, the United States of America, Jonathan Randall Koleski and Marshall Ervin Jr. were shot.

The knowledge that they had been shot to death as they were finishing up their duty would have been incredibly depressing for their friends, family, and coworkers. We ask God to give the families of both Deputy officers the fortitude they need to cope with their loss and face life without Christopher Golden and Christopher Cook.

How did the deputy officers Kill?

While they were in the process of apprehending the two persons who have been accused of some killings, the two deputy officers of the Georgia sheriff were shot and killed.

According to sources, the arrest warrant for Christopher Golden and Christopher Cook, who would be detained on September 9, 2022, was being processed by deputy officers Jonathan Randall Koleski and Marshall Ervin Jr. However, shortly after killing the Deputy officers, the two murderers were captured.

Christopher Golden, one of the murderers, is about 32 years old. In addition to two counts of murder, he is also accused of killing two deputy police officers. Christopher Cook, the other murderer, is 30 years old.

Christopher Cook was accused of participating in the murder of the deputy police as well as three felonies and three misdemeanours of theft.

According to the information that is currently accessible, deputy Marshall Ervin Jr. and deputy Jonathan Randall Koleski were both around 38 years old when they passed away.

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