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Who is David LIoyd Walther? Why FBI Arrested Him?


David LIoyd Walther arrested: A pastor at a Texas church was arrested by the FBI. David Lloyd was the pastor detained. He has been charged with child pornography.

David Lloyd, 56, is a former pastor at a Texas Baptist church. He was arrested for downloading, sharing and possessing child pornographic videos.

His followers were shocked to hear about his arrest. Further reports state that David was brought before a Austin magistrate judge on Thursday.

FBI Arrest pastor of a Baptist church in Texas

Further reports have continued to state that Lloyd deliberately committed these crimes. He was a Rock Rock Texas pastor. These charges against him are shocking to his followers and the community. His community never imagined their pastor would be looking for such deplorable material online.

The FBI arrested him and found that he had downloaded and shared child pornography clips on BitTorrent.

Who is David Lloyd Walther?”

His home and car were searched by authorities who found two hard drives stuffed with child pornographic videos. After officials discovered the clips, he was taken into custody.

David was brought before the US Magistrate Judge Austin Texas on Thursday. According to reports, David is currently in custody and being questioned. His followers and the community did not imagine that David could do such shameful acts.

These charges against him were very serious and deeply shameful. We are currently undergoing an investigation in this case.

These incidents must be taken seriously as they could result in serious consequences for any minor if David and others like him are not stopped at the start. The most heartbreaking and brutal crime against children is the one that has been committed.

The case is being closely monitored by our research team. Keep checking back for updates. Many false reports are floating around social media about this case.

We ask all of our readers to not fall for these false and fraudulent reports. Stay tuned for the most recent national news, updates, and information.

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