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Dalia Dippolito Biography

Dalia Dippolito picture

Name Dalia Dippolito
Nickname   Not Known
Profession Former Escort
Height   Not Known
Weight   Not Known
Hair Colour   Not Known
Eye Colour   Not Known
Date of Birth   1982
Birth Place   New York
Nationality   American
Zodiac sign/Sun sign   Not Known
Hometown   Boynton Beach
School    Public school
College  Not Known
Educational Qualification   Not Known
Father   Not Known
Mother   Randa Mohammed
Sister   Samira
Brother   Amir
Marital Status   Divorced
Spouse/Partner   Michael Dippolito
Children   One
Net Worth  Not Known
Salary   Not Known
Debut   Not Known


Dalia Dippolito Early Life

Dalia Dippolito was born in the year 1982. Her father was named Dalia Mohammed. Dalia planned to kill her husband for around four months.

In the year 2017, a third trial took place. Fortunately, the jury was able to release the convict for soliciting for the first charge of murder. Dalia Dippolito is a well-known woman as the notorious murderer from the place of South Florida.

She comes from a religious family. Dalia’s father was Egyptian, and her Mother has Peruvian ancestry. Dalia was just thirteen years old when she moved to Boynton Beach with her family.

She grew into an adult here. While growing up, Dalia lived in a people’s community with her Mother, Randa Mohammed. She had two siblings, a brother named Amir and a sister named Samira.

Meeting first time Dalia husband, Michael Dippolito

Michael Dippolito was Dalia Dippolito’s husband. Michael was residing in place of Boyington Beach in Florida. On October 4, 2008, Michael decided to call for an escort to spend time with him over the night. His wife was out of town during that time.

It was the day that just 26-year-old Dalia Mohammed first met this person Michael. Two weeks after the earlier meeting. Michael filed for a divorce and proposed to Dalia.

Dalia Dippolito Profession

Dalia worked as a Florida escort when her husband Mike Dippolito was employed for a short term to do a job for sex in October 2008. Micheal testified at trial that they well suited so well that they got married a few months later, in February 2009.

Michael became having a belief in her stealing his stuff. Dalia plants drugs in his truck to get his process of testing for a fraud sentence officially canceled.

Dalia Crimes on Michael

Michael also believed she once form into his iced tea with a liquid used in a motor to attempt his life.

Michael Dippolito was declared guilty of his first-degree murder. After being punished, he is serving a 16-year prison sentence at Lowell Prison near Okali.

Dippolito was declared criminal on the year July 21, 2017. He is to release in the year 2032.

Before the trial in the year 2017, Dippolito was declared and sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment in 2011. However, she later canceled the judgment in the appeal of the proceedings.

The second trial, which is still cannot finish because the jury has delayed.

Dalia Dippolito Marriage and Children

Dalia was the wife of Michael Dippolito. The two met after Michael employed her for sex in the year October 2008. The couple has one son whom she gave birth to when she was on the in-home arrest.

The Recording of Dalia Dippolito

Dalia was going to meet up with a member of a criminal organization in his car. The member of the criminal organization was an undercover narcotics officer. The car of Dalia had a hidden camera positioned behind the driver’s seat.

The recording shows how Dalia Dippolito was entering the car of a member of the criminal organization. In the recording, Dalia heard saying she was dead sure.

Dalia wanted to have her husband Michael killed. In the video, she also looks in the hidden camera’s direction, but nothing does not do anything.

Dalia Dippolito Defense

Dalia proof that it was all an act for the television. She also said that she did not know how to react. In the year 2015, she was interviewed by the 20/20. She had proof that she was a good person but misunderstood.

She had also spent around six years under house arrest. In the year 2016, she was declared criminal and given around 16 years in prison. She is expecting to release in the year 2032.

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