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Corralejo Tequila On the Taste There’s a lot of Pepper


Corralejo Tequila: On the taste, there’s a lot of pepper, as well as agave, tropical fruit, particularly pineapple, and citrus.

Raw agave flavours of cut grass, green bean, and mint are known for having a unique earthy and vegetal note.

Lengthy and fruity, with a lingering pepperiness, the finish is long and fruity.

40 percent ABV Corralejo Reposado Tequila, 750 millilitre (NOM 1368)

Corralejo Tequila

On the nose, there’s a strong whiff of cooked agave, as well as caramel and a smokiness.

Citrus aromas, vanilla and honey notes, and some seasoned wood are all there, as well as a biting pepperiness.

Despite the Tequila’s 80 proof, the alcohol is easily detectable on the nose.

The Tequila is silky and creamy on the mouth, almost buttery. It’s sweet, with citrus zest, caramel, vanilla, and honey notes.

There’s a noticeable pepperiness here, along with smoke and a bit of dirt. There’s also a hint of green bean or vegetable.

Long and sweet, with flavours of caramel and vanilla and a lingering pepperiness, the finish is long and sweet.

Corralejo Blanco Aejo, 40% ABV, 750 ml Corralejo Blanco Aejo, 40% ABV, Corralejo Blanco Aejo, 40% ABV, Corral (NOM 1368)

Cooked agave smells are complimented by strong vanilla and caramel notes on the nose.

Apple, cherry, and citrus aromas abound in this Tequila.

There is a little smoke, but not as much as in the Reposado, as well as cinnamon and pepper flavours.

There are cooked agave aromas of vanilla and caramel on the palate, as well as vegetal raw agave notes.

There are cherry and citrus fruit notes, as well as smoke and spice notes of pepper and cinnamon.

Long and fruity, with vanilla, caramel, and butterscotch aromas and a lingering pepperiness, the finish is long and fruity.

Corralejo is a historic Tequila brand, one of Mexico’s oldest.

It is quite reasonably priced, with all three expressions having an average selling price under $30.

In this era of celebrity-endorsed Tequilas, it’s easy to overlook some of the classic brands. It’s a shame, because Corralejo is an excellent Tequila.

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