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Use the Unclaimed Property Program to get your money back

THE CITY OF CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS- It turns out you might have money waiting for you on the website of the State Comptroller. When our reporter Michael Gibson showed Nueces County officials this webpage, they discovered that the state has thousands of dollars in the Unclaimed Property Program.

Claim Unclaimed Property In Texas

find unclaimed money in texas

His report can be found Here: The state’s online unclaimed property holder program had been discussed. So I decided to look into it, and for some reason I typed Nueces County into the search box.

I was surprised to learn that the state was investing thousands of dollars from the County in that initiative. We then decided to go to the courthouse and show officials what we had discovered so that they could begin retrieving the funds.

We went to the office of tax assessor Collector Kevin Kieschnick first. We told him to go to the state comptroller’s unclaimed property program on his computer. When he arrived, he immediately recognized what we had discovered.

Thousands of dollars that were supposed to be sent to his office throughout the years were never delivered.

I never thought to look into it since it never occurred to me that there might be money missing that was meant to be deposited to us but wasn’t.” Kevin Kieschnick, the tax assessor collector for Nueces County, said as much.

Kieschnick was surprised as to why the money was held in the state’s unclaimed property holder program rather than being transferred directly to his office.

“As we can see, we have some funds from the tax assessor Collector’s office, which makes me wonder how difficult it is for them to locate our office and how that money did not arrive.

Kevin Kieschnick, tax assessor collector for Nueces County, at 3:45:40.”

We then urged County Judge Barbara Canales to go to the same unclaimed money website as us. Nueces County was also typed in. There’s at least $15,000 in county funds on the premises.

“We have here Belinda Hinojosa, who is a governmental affairs officer.” Judge Canales stated. “So, I’ll show her this and have her contact the comptroller and say we’d like to claim all of them….we can do it online, but what about future unclaimed property?”

The Judge was taken aback when he discovered the money on the site and believes it should serve as a wake-up message to all government institutions.

“It’s a terrific website, and it appears that everyone should visit all of the political jurisdictions at least once.”

You can now go to claimittexas.org to discover whether you have any money in the program.

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