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Citronella Candles – Mosquito-Proof Outdoor Lantern


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If you are looking for a mosquito-proof outdoor lantern, then you may want to consider a Coleman Citronella Outdoor Lantern. This type of lantern is made from soy and linalool and is guaranteed to keep you and your family safe from mosquitoes.

Citronella Candles Soy

Citronella Candles Soy

Citronella candles are a great way to deter mosquitoes and other insects from invading your outdoor living area. They are ideal for use in backyards, campsites and other outdoor locations.

These candles are made from natural soy wax, which means they are free of heavy fragrances, paraffin wax, and GMOs. They also burn more slowly and last longer than ordinary candles. The candles also contain citronella oil, a naturally occurring ingredient that repels insects.

Some citronella candles have multiple wicks. This helps ensure the wax is spread out, creating an even and consistent melt.

Other candles only have one wick. This may cause the candle to burn in a lumpy shape. When buying a citronella scented candle, opt for a quality product with multiple wicks.

Citronella candles have a unique scent. The citronella oil used in these candles tends to have a lemongrass based odor when burned. It’s refreshing and a nice alternative to traditional bug sprays.


While citronella is an effective insect repellent, there are a number of other ways to protect yourself from the bites of mosquitoes.

A simple fan may help, but you can also make your own homemade bug spray. If you’re looking for a more natural solution, you can try geraniol incense. Geraniol is a plant-based oil that has been shown to protect you against mosquitoes.

Citronella is a naturally occurring oil that is extracted from two varieties of grass. It has a floral scent and is a great natural bug spray alternative.

The main ingredient in oil of citronella is geraniol. Other components include methyl isoeugenol and citronellol. Though it’s not the most powerful component, geraniol is an effective insect repellent. Moreover, geraniol is safe to use for humans.


Citronella candles are widely used in the United States and Canada to deter biting insects. However, the use of citronella is not a substitute for a good bug spray. Instead, the key is choosing a citronella candle that is potent enough to keep bugs away.

A common type of citronella candle is one that is infused with other oils. Many people like to keep citronella in an area that is not usually exposed to bugs. Another option is to apply citronella to the skin.

Linalool is a compound that is found in lavender oil. It is a component of the scent of lavender and is also known as a plant defense compound.

Linalool has been found to be a very effective repellent for mosquitoes. Studies have shown that it reduces female mosquitoes by twice as much as citronella candles.

Mosquito Guard Tea Light Candles

Citronella and Mosquito Guard Tea Light Candles are an excellent way to prevent bugs and insects from getting into your home. These candles are made with natural, plant-based ingredients like citronella oil and peppermint. They are designed to be used in patios, yards, gardens, and other outdoor spaces.

These candles are long-lasting and offer continuous power against mosquitos. Citronella tea lights are also a great addition to outdoor gatherings, such as picnics, barbecues, or festivals. You can place them in votives, in candle diffusers, or even in floating Diyas.

The candles come in a variety of designs and colors. Some are simple, while others are more elaborate. In addition, citronella candles come in a variety of wick sizes. This means that you can choose the best for your needs.

Coleman Citronella Outdoor Lantern

If you want to keep bugs at bay, then the Coleman Citronella Outdoor Lantern is a great choice. It features a unique Coleman design, as well as a long burn time. This lantern is designed to keep insects away from your outdoor patio, deck, yard, or even pool area.

The candle is made from a blend of citronella, soy wax, and other natural plant-based ingredients. Aside from keeping pests at bay, the soy wax blend also produces a pleasant smell.

Another great thing about these candles is that they burn for up to 30 hours. They are also a good choice for camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities. When you’re not using them, they’re easy to hang from a tree branch or other item.

There are many different kinds of citronella lanterns available. Many of them come with a metal wick, while others use a wooden wick. Those with wooden wicks have an easier time securing them to the top of the candle, which can make the candle less likely to fall on someone.

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