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Emmanuel Sanon is one of the most powerful and charismatic religious leaders in the world today. If you’ve ever been in a church or mosque, you have undoubtedly heard him preach. He is also known for his bogus claims that he is backed by the U.S. government.

In addition, Sanon has been in charge of a number of organizations which claim to be in opposition to Islam.

Claude Joseph and Ariel Henry were also at the meeting

In what has become an increasingly desperate attempt to maintain power, Haiti’s interim prime minister has declared the country to be under siege.

Following the death of president Jovenel Moise, his successor, interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph, has vowed to remain in office until new elections are held in September.

The “Core Group” consists of representatives from the United States, Canada, France, and the European Union. It also includes an informal group of foreign envoys.

These include representatives from the EU and the Organization of American States.

Earlier this month, the Core Group released a statement urging the government to form an inclusive government.

Although not explicitly mentioning Henry, the group urged the Haitian society to support his efforts to restore stability.

Meanwhile, Claude Joseph is enjoying the support of the country’s armed forces. He enjoys a lot of US recognition.

But many in the international community question his legitimacy.

Ariel Henry, who was designated as the prime minister by Moise before his death, has been in a political tussle with Claude Joseph since Moise’s assassination.

Christian Emmanuel Sanon, a licensed Haitian doctor who is based in Florida, was a key player in the plan.

He was the first person to be called by the armed commandos responsible for killing Moise.

Emmanuel Sanon’s corpse is taken to assure the masterminds that the job is done

Sanon was accused of orchestrating a hit job to kill Jovenel Moise, the president of Haiti. During an investigation into the killing, police found Sanon’s house in Port-au-Prince stuffed with firearms and ammunition.

He was also identified as having contact with two people allegedly responsible for the assassination.

Police found license plates from the Dominican Republic, a DEA cap and holsters for pistols during a search of Sanon’s home. They also found a judicial notice warning of a sealed site.

The chief of police said the operation began the day after Moise’s death. Investigators seized six cases of pistols and rifles, as well as ammunition and shooting targets.

In addition, they uncovered correspondence sent to various sectors of Haiti.

Sanon’s associates said Sanon was approached by people claiming to represent the US State and Justice departments.

They hoped to recruit him to oversee a transition period of three years. According to them, the alleged assassins were paid $3,000 a month to carry out the mission.

Sanon entered Haiti on a private plane in June, accompanied by hired security guards.

A few months later, he held meetings with a dozen people. One of them was Phenil Gordon Desir, a lawyer with the Port-au-Prince law firm Vincent.

Emmanuel Sanon’s bogus claims of U.S. government backing

Sanon had been in the news for the past several months for his claims of U.S. government backing. He had the plan to take over Haiti and was backed by a group of influential Haitians and foreigners.

Several of the key players involved in the February coup attempt and assassination had connections to US agencies.

The FBI, State Department and Interpol all played a part in the investigation, as did the Miami bureau of the DEA.

The most obvious question is whether Sanon was actually aided by these agencies.

But the truth is that it’s very difficult to know, because the investigation is based on dozens of interviews, with a number of suspects.

A number of meetings between Christian Emmanuel Sanon and his new partners were also documented.

He and his partners, Edouard Ambroise and James Solage spent a lot of time in a private condo in Delmas 60 and a more expensive hotel in Petionville.

One of these meetings was attended by former senator John Joel Joseph, who is currently serving a jail sentence in Jamaica.

Although the investigation is still ongoing, the evidence indicates that Sanon was aided by a number of players.

While some of these are alleged conspirators, others may have been mere accomplices.