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Chidubem Osuagwu Arrested: Who Is He & Why He Arrested?


Chidubem Osuagwu Arrested: Enugu, Nigeria has received news about the arrest of Chidubem Osuagwu, 22, for allegedly stealing and killing a car. This happened on Friday, 1 November.

The Egunu State police confirmed that he had killed his 32 year-old girlfriend. He was taken into custody at Meniru in Awkunanaw.

On 1 November, he allegedly shot and killed Amarachi Chukwu, who was at her home in the same area. This was clarified by Daniel Ndukwe, the spokesperson for police, in his statements on Saturday.

The article below will discuss the many questions surrounding him as well as the death of a 32-year old female.

A deputy superintendent of police, Mr. Ndukwe states that the investigation revealed information about him and other people who planned to go to the victim’s home on the morning 1 November.

They tried to rob the victim and his Toyota Carolla, but she refused and stopped them. They tied her mouth, hands and legs to his clothes and then took off with his car. She was killed when they tied her up in their apartment.

Who is Chidubem Osuagwu?

The body begins to smell and was found by police officers on 4 November. After receiving a report about a foul-smelling apartment, the door was forced open.

According to the police spokesperson, Osuagwu, who killed the Sugar mummy and stole his car, was arrested at Nekede in Owerri, Owerri State capital.

He was selling a Toyota Corolla car that had been stolen from the house of the deceased girl. The police reports contain all of this information.

The doctors at the hospital confirmed her death and she was taken to the police station for further investigation.

They searched for all evidence and arrested Osuagwu, who was responsible for her death. Many criminal cases are being filed in every day work life.

The rate of crime is rising in daily life. While the investigation continues for her justice, too many related crimes are being revealed. Stay connected to chopnews for more information.

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