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Cats are famous and you must know it to understand the Internet


Cats are famous and you must know it to understand the Internet: It is no secret to anyone that cats are the true kings of the Internet. Cat fever has flooded social networks for a long time. Some of them already count as true influencers due to their large number of followers. Do you want to know what these famous cats are? Keep reading!

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Cats are famous and you must know it to understand the Internet

If there is something that triumphs on Instagram – on the internet in general – they are the kittens. You might even consider getting a few cat sweaters for next season. Who can not spend minutes, or even hours, looking at photos of these adorable animals?

Cat lovers only

If you have a cat you will understand. We find the most adorable and precious being on earth, we can spend hours looking at him, playing with him, taking pictures… Even when he has those cat behaviors that we don’t understand, we love him. And we are not the only ones. Just shop around the trendy social network (yes, yes, Instagram), to see that it is full of accounts of precious cat pets that have become famous.

Long before the cats invaded Tinder, they had already done so with the rest of social networks, that’s why more and more cats are influencers. But as in everything, there were some who came first and who have more followers today than some of the most sought-after movie or music stars.

Why are cats so trendy on the Internet?

The reality is that kittens have their well-marked position, and they know how to delight their audience with truly amazing reactions, in both everyday and strange situations.

Unlike dogs, cats are cold, calculating, intelligent and with an innate hunter instinct, which does not change solely because they are domestic animals. This is demonstrated in each of the funny videos and photographs of famous cats.

What is the cause of cats’ success in social media?

There are several reasons why fans of famous cat accounts do not stop growing. Below we compile some of the main reasons.

  • They are hunters by instinct, which gives us funny scenes about cats looking for their next prey.
  • On the Internet, what hooks is what is really surprising and unexpected, which is exactly the way cats react: they jump, run away, scratch, get angry or stay still. You never know how they will react.
  • They are asocial and this is attractive to consumers of this type of content.

One of the kind

We have seen cats in the most amazing situations. The enormous curiosity of these animals is present since they are born and is due to their double instinct of survival and hunter. We must not forget that it is a species domesticated relatively recently, unlike dogs. According to a study carried out in 2015, it was determined that when watching a video of kittens, people feel more cheerful and energized. Most people do not look for it, it simply appears on social networks.

There is interaction in your community, through comments or simply like this content because they have had cats, are shy or spend a lot of time on the internet.

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