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Cast of La Madrastra 2022: Aracely Arámbula, Andrés Palacios, Marisol del Olmo and Marco Treviño

cast of La Madrastra 2022
cast of La Madrastra 2022

Cast of La Madrastra is a Mexican telenovela set to premiere August 15, 2022 on Las Estrellas. This remake of 2005 telenovela of the same name by Arturo Moya Grau will tell the tale of Marcia, who returns home after serving 20 years for crimes she did not commit, hoping to reunite with her children while discovering who set her up and why.

Cast of La Madrastra 2022 comprises

cast of La Madrastra 2022

Aracely Arámbula

Aracely Arámbula

Aracely Arambula stars as Marcia Cisneros/Ana Lucia Hernandez, the protagonist. A loving mother falsely accused of murdering Patricia, her husband’s first wife, she spent 20 years incarcerated before returning home as Ana Lucia Hernandez under another identity and becoming stepmother to her own children who mistakenly believe her dead.

Andrés Palacios

Aracely Arámbula

Andres Palacios plays Esteban Lombardo, the male lead. A successful businessman and father to Marcia’s children, he remarries Lucrecia following Patricia’s death while believing Marcia to be responsible. However, after falling for Ana Lucia without realizing she is his first wife.

Marisol del Olmo

Marisol del Olmo

Marisol del Olmo stars as Lucrecia Lombardo, Esteban’s second wife and stepmother to their children. She is ambitious, manipulative and cruel – having known Patricia prior to her murder and knowing all the details surrounding its occurrence.

Marco Treviño

Marco Treviño

Marco Trevino stars as Donato Rivas, the secondary antagonist. A corrupt police officer responsible for Patricia’s case, Donato frame Marcia for her crime while helping Lucrecia cover it up; additionally he blackmails Ana Lucia to stop her from uncovering the truth.

The supporting cast includes:

Actor/Actress Role Episodes
David Caro Levy Hugo Lombardo Cisneros 50
Ana Tena Lucía Lombardo Cisneros 50
Isadora González Inés Lombardo 49
Cecilia Gabriela Emilia Zetina 48
Sebastián Foulloux Omar Escalante 48
Juan Martín Jauregui Bruno Tejada 47
Eduardo España Rufino González ‘El Tortuga’ 47
Adrian Di Monte Álvaro González 47
Julia Urbini Celia Núñez 47
Juan Carlos Barreto Padre José Jaramillo 46
Martha Julia Florencia Linares 46
Emiliano González Rafael Lombardo Cisneros 46
Christopher Valencia Pablo Núñez 46
Denia Agalianou Paula Ferrer 45
Palmeira Cruz Betina Mena 42
Ricardo Fastlicht Francisco ‘Pancho’ Núñez 41
Alberto Pavón Iñaki Arnella 41
Montserrat Marañon Cándida Núñez 40
Ana Aide Medina Esperanza 39
Carmen Muga Alba Bermejo 36
Epy Vélez Violeta Pardo 30
Iker Madrid Condesa 30
Karla Gaytán Ximena Gil 26
Enrique Logan Luther 24
José Elías Moreno Santino González 22
América Jiménez Maggie 22
Daniela Cordero Lola Mena 17
Carmen Delgado Teniente Acuña 16
Diego Soldano Gaspar Iglesias 16
Andrea Muñoz Socorro 16

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q: When will La Madrastra 2022 make its debut?

A: La Madrastra 2022 will debut on Las Estrellas at 9:30 pm on August 15, 2022.

Q: Who are the creators and writers behind La Madrastra 2022?

A: La Madrastra 2022 is based on an original story by Arturo Moya Grau and adapted by Liliana Abud, Julian Aguilar, Mauricio Aridjis and Gabriela Ortigoza – who also co-developed and wrote scripts along with Rosa Salazar Arenas, Ricardo Tejeda and Fermin Zuniga.

Q: Who are the directors and producers of La Madrastra 2022?

A: Hector Campos and Sergio Catano will direct La Madrastra 2022, while Carlos Moreno Laguillo–who produced both versions in 2005–is executive producer.

Q: Where can I view La Madrastra 2022 online?

A: La Madrastra 2022 can be streamed live via Vix+, a Latin American content streaming service. Alternatively, watch it directly on Las Estrellas’ official website.

Q: Are we seeing La Madrastra 2022 remake?

A: Yes, La Madrastra 2022 is an updated remake of the 2005 telenovela of the same name starring Victoria Ruffo, Cesar Evora, Jacqueline Andere and Eduardo Capetillo from 2005; itself an update of an 1981 Chilean telenovela La Madrastra that featured Jael Unger, Walter Kliche, Sonia Viveros and Osvaldo Silva as leads.


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