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Carole Baskin: Tiger King Star’s ‘Dead’ Husband Found Alive


In the past year there were reports circulated that The Tiger King star, Don Lewis has been dead but this was not a normal situation for everyone because the official announcement was made in 2002.

Unfortunately, the wife of the superstar Carole Baskin has captured the interest of the globe when she declared that her husband was alive.

According to reports, Carole Baskin’s ex-husband Don Lewis was reportedly found alive in Costa Rica and the information began to surface on the Internet after a year.

Now, the news is being shared on social media, and everyone who is a person who is a fan of Don Lewis is getting curious to learn more about this. We’ll now find out the truth behind this devastating information.

In a interview in November 2021 on The ITV’s This Morning, Carole Baskin who is 61 she revealed that her husband, who was deceased in the year 2002 following his disappearing just a few years earlier was actually alive and healthy.

In addition, Carole told that she did not know about her husband’s death until the second series shown during the month of November.

In addition, she made reference to the blog she runs called Big Cats blog to the New York Post,” I was not aware until the series TK2 aired”.

Who Is Carole Baskin?

Carole Baskin

All of this, Carole Baskin revealed on the Internet,” Homeland Security reached out to the Sheriff’s Detective George Fernandez, and they said my husband is alive and living very well in Costa Rica”.

According to sources the ex-husband of Baskin’s Don Lewis went disappeared in 1997. Lewis went missing aged 59.

He was reportedly around 84 years old in the event that he’s still alive.

The truth is, Lewis had not made any official statements regarding the his death rumors. “Homeland Security told that Don Lewis is still alive and I don’t know how did they find him and how did they claim that he is living in Costa Rica” Baskin said.

We will inform you the story of how Carole Baskin got famous after her Netflix documentary series followed the story of Joseph, the big-cat keeper Maldonado-Passage.

In the Netflix series, Maldonago-Passage alleged to Carole Baskin that she was having a connection to her husband following the fact that the mysterious disappearance of his husband in 1977, after six years of marriage.

Today, the revelation of the discovery of Don has shocked fans from all over the globe and they are seeking out more information regarding this particular investigation.

The official did not divulge any details on the matter, however the sources we have spoken to are trying to find more details. Keep us in touch.

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