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Bullet Train: Trailer, Cast, Plot, Release date & Review


The new movie Bullet Train is an exciting action thriller set in Kyoto and Tokyo. Brad Pitt stars as Ladybug, a career criminal on a quest to steal a briefcase from a bullet train.

The film is based on the actual tale of the White Death criminal gang in Japan.

In this movie, the gang is responsible for the deaths of a number of people, including a prince who blackmails Andrew Koji.

Here in this article, we have discussed Bullet Train movie, trailer, plot, cast, release date and review.

Bullet Train plot

The Bullet Train plot revolves around assassins and the relationships between them. The central character is the White Death, played by Michael Shannon.

The White Death is a manipulator who wants the assassins to kill each other. This movie explores how one man’s ambition for power can shape the lives of several others.

Understanding the plot in a more subtle light helps us better comprehend the motivations of different characters within it.

Bullet Train boasts a large cast, including Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock. Despite its extensive cast, it never feels bloated.

This film’s intriguing characters are easy to relate to. In addition to Pitt, other cast members include Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Joey King, and Brian Tyree Henry.

In addition, there are several surprise cameos and side characters.

Bullet Train cast

The cast of Bullet Train is as diverse as the movie itself. The principal actor, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, has been in a number of notable film movies, including Avengers: Age of Ultron.
He plays Lemon, who is obsessed with the fictional Thomas the Tank Engine. In the film, Henry has been seen in films like Eternals and The Woman In the Window.

Henry is also a frequent guest star on HBO.

The cast of Bullet Train is diverse and international, bringing a variety of perspectives to the film. Director David Leitch’s direction balances the film’s sinister surface.

The film was shot while the COVID pandemic was still in full swing.

The production was delayed because of lapses in vaccination protocols, but it was ultimately worth it because a COVID outbreak could have ruined the film’s schedule.

Bullet Train release date

The Bullet Train release date is quickly approaching, and the hype surrounding the film is high.

This film, starring Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock, has an action-packed plot and a star-studded ensemble.

This film promises nonstop action and compelling characters, ensuring that audiences remain involved throughout.

You’ll appreciate this flick regardless of your genre preferences.

Sandra Bullock is joining Brad Pitt in “Bullet Train,” a film that’s scheduled for release in February 2021. Variety first reported that Bullock had been cast but gave few details on her character.

Lady Gaga had a conflict with her schedule for “House of Gucci,” but her casting in “Bullet Train” is still unknown. The film will be the second collaboration between Pitt and Bullock.

The pair previously co-starred in “The Lost City” in early 2017.

Bullet Train trailer

The first trailer of the upcoming “Bullet Train” movie has been causing controversy on the internet. Some fans claim that the trailer spoils the entire movie, while others think that it is a fun preview.

Whatever your feelings towards the caravan, you should watch the movie and see how it ends. Before you watch it, here are certain things you should know. Hopefully, this new trailer will make the movie more exciting.

Brad Pitt is a veteran assassin in Bullet Train, which stars Sandra Bullock, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, and Andrew Koji. This Japanese-language movie is directed by David Leitch, who previously helmed Deadpool 2.

The screenplay is based on the Kotaro Isaka novel Maria Beetle. Antoine Fuqua and Kelly McCormick produced the film, while Antoine Fuqua and Kat Samick exec produced it. Benito A Martinez Ocasio and Ryosuke Saegusa also have their hands on Bullet Train.

Bullet Train review

Bullet Train is an excellent choice for people looking for a fast-paced, action-packed film. Regrettably, the conversation is unoriginal and lacks inspiration.

The dialogue sets the tone for the picture, but it falls short of being as brilliant as it might be. While the action sequences ooze with snazzy CGI setpieces, they’re not enough to sustain the snaky plot.

A lot of the film’s problem lies in its uneven structure. Its location is unnatural, and it looks like it was shot on a gimmicky live-action set.

While it’s full of high-profile cameos, “Bullet Train” is also not terribly coherent. Its dialogue and mock-British accents are inconsistent and lacking in polish.

It’s an assault on the senses, but thankfully, the movie is fun while it lasts.