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Bryce Thompson Forex : 24 Year Old Serial Entrepreneur


Last updated on January 16th, 2023 at 05:46 pm

Bryce Thompson Forex: People are still rallying together every day for the past and future Black people who have been victims of police violence three months after the Black Lives Matters rallies began.

The riots that followed the greatest movement in American history, with an estimated 15 million-26 million people participating, were felt in practically every major city across the country.

Bryce thompson forex 24 Year Old Serial Entrepreneur


Some people are questioning if their views are being heard in the wake of the recent viral video of Jacob Blake being shot seven times by a police officer at the Kenosha Police Department.

So, at a time when Black men feel like they have a target on their backs, it’s critical that Black males with access and resources become change agents in our community and shift the narrative.

This is why Bryce Thompson, a successful 24-year-old entrepreneur, has stepped forward to lead the way. Thompson, despite his present success, is no stranger to stepping up to the plate when faced with hardship.

His uncle graciously offered to finance his way to Morehouse College in Atlanta after he nearly missed out on the opportunity owing to financial restrictions.

Thompson, who is only 24 years old, is now in a position to follow in the footsteps of his uncle and help others who may be facing similar hardships by awarding $100,000 in scholarships to ten students entering historically black colleges and universities this fall.

Thompson excelled at Morehouse College, an HBCU, where he was on the Dean’s List every semester. Thompson discovered that he was not interested in climbing the corporate ladder after being offered many enticing internships and working in the engineering industry.

Instead, he discovered his calling in forging his own road to financial success while also assisting others in doing so.

Thompson’s older brother, who has been a lifelong role model for him, introduced him to cryptocurrency and investing, which not only piqued Thompson’s attention, but maintained it in a manner that nothing else had.

Thompson’s newfound enterprise propelled him down a career path that would eventually see him become a 20-something Black millionaire with a goal of assisting others in achieving success.

As he gained more experience, what began as a hobby of offering individuals investment advice quickly evolved into a love for assisting others in achieving financial success.

Thompson recognised that his life’s job would be to teach others how to use cryptocurrency and financial ideas to make their money work for them.

While still students at Morehouse, Thompson, his brother Branden Thompson, and four of Thompson’s closest friends (Nathan Samuel, Reynaldo Perez, Joshua Stewart, and Ian Jackson) founded TradeHouse (excluding Branden).

TradeHouse quickly grew from small-scale events and one-on-one meetings with other Morehouse students to hosting international events and establishing a community of 75,000 people in 10+ countries who rely on TradeHouse to teach them how to become financially literate.

While TradeHouse is open to everybody, it was created to “teach individuals who have been traditionally disadvantaged with a platform that promotes economic and social growth.” Thompson elaborated.

Thompson’s urge to give back grows as TradeHouse continues to make a difference in people’s lives all across the world. Thompson’s choice to donate $100,000 in scholarships exclusively for HBCU students is both charitable and relevant.

“I am convinced that HBCUs contribute to the Black Lives Matter movement by offering a safe and culturally aware learning environment that better educates and equips young black men and women for high-level professions,” Thompson said.

“Through the talents students gain while attending these sacred institutions, they will be able to assist not only their communities, but the world at large.”

Thompson’s narrow escape from not being able to attend Morehouse College helped him empathise with those who may not be able to attend college at all.

“I understand that not everyone has a friend or family member who can aid them the way my uncle did for me.” Thompson remarked. “I promised myself that one day I would create my own scholarships to help kids like me escape a similar fate.”

Thompson hopes that his tale and experience will inspire others to believe that they, too, can have a meaningful influence and play vital roles, regardless of their age, skin colour, or circumstance. He aims to motivate individuals to take risks and pursue their dreams through entrepreneurship.

“Your goals are your goals, and no one else’s, Bryce Thompson Forex would tell young people if he could just say one thing to them. Believe in yourself and what you’re doing because what makes sense to you doesn’t necessarily make sense to others.”

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