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Bring Your Dog to Work Day On 24th June [Know Everything]


Today (Friday, June 24) is the 26th annual “Bring Your Dog to Work” day, when employees from companies throughout the North East will bring their dogs to work.

How Bring your Dog To Work Day is celebrated?

Pet-loving workers are urged to bring their four-legged companions to work with them instead of leaving them at home or hiring a dog sitter for the day.

However, one business in the North East defies the norm and lets employees bring their dogs to work every day, claiming that doing so benefits both the employees and the canines.

Every day is “Bring Your Dog to Work Day” for the personnel of Newcastle-based global performance marketing agency N21 because it is one of the perks offered to its workers.

N21’s CEO, Neil Robbins, stated: “Allowing employees to bring their dogs to work feels like a very apparent benefit to them as the UK is a nation of dog lovers.

“Our office is dog-friendly, and I can only imagine the advantages for our personnel.” Our UK office currently has 101 employees, many of whom own dogs.

Because of the growth in the cost of living, our employees actually wouldn’t need to pay for a dog walker or a dog sitter if they couldn’t bring their dogs to work.

We also consider the welfare of our employees’ dogs, and it is a tremendous advantage that they may go to work with their owners rather than spending all day at home alone.”

According to awarenessdays.com, experts claim that keeping dogs in the workplace has numerous advantages, including increased “staff productivity” and wellbeing.

Scientific research has also demonstrated that having pets around can “significantly lessen a person’s stress level in the office.”

An ex-racing greyhound named Jake was just adopted by Sarah-Jayne Taylorson, a PR manager at N21, who finds it “amazing” that she can bring him to work.

She uttered: “My previous companies didn’t have a bring your dog to work policy, so I couldn’t rescue a dog even though I’ve always wanted to.

Jake is family to me, so I’m thrilled N21 values him. It’s nice to have employers who not only care about our well-being but also that of our dogs.”

According to the National Dog Survey, there was a significant increase in dog ownership during the Covid epidemic, with 3.2 million canines joining homes during lockdown, bringing the UK’s dog population to 12.5 million.

Additionally, 85% of us regularly express our love for our pets, according to the study.

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