Home Guest Post A new trend in medical sciences: Usage of cannabis for treating diseases

A new trend in medical sciences: Usage of cannabis for treating diseases


A new trend in medical sciences: Usage of cannabis for treating diseases: It has been reported that a new trend has taken the medicine world by storm, and that is the usage of cannabis for the treatment of illness. Cannabis is also known as marijuana or weed.

A new trend in medical sciences: Usage of cannabis for treating diseases

Why is cannabis gaining fame? Let’s look at what information CannCentral has for you!

Canncentral – your home for all things Cannabis  is an online portal where you can find all the details regarding the usage of Cannabis and its pros and cons. Let’s have a look at some information extracted from the website.

A study published by “The Journal of American Medical Associations (JAMA)” in September 2010 stated that a number of people in the United States who prefer to use cannabis for the treatment of diseases are twice the number of people who consume it for pleasure. The study also found out that the number of regular pot consumers has increased up by 46% to gain medical benefits as compared to the number of pleasure seekers which has increased by 22% only.

Hongying Dai, a lead researcher of the subject from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, states that Marijuana most likely cures the medical conditions related to the respiratory system, cancer, and depression. He also analyzed the trend that elderly people are becoming the most frequent consumers of cannabis or marijuana as compared to the younger ones. This trend is prevailing because of the fact that medical conditions increase with the increase in the age of a person and as marijuana is being perceived as a successful treatment of most of the conditions; mostly elderly people are getting addicted to it.

A survey was carried out in the years 2016 and 2017, including men and women both, numbering 165,000 in total. The target of this survey was to find out that why people prefer to consume cannabis and the reason which was sought out was for the treatment of chronic pain, cancer and respiratory conditions. The outcome of this research has given birth to a very important concern, and that is why not extensive research is being carried out to unfold the medical benefits of marijuana?

More research and surveys on the medical acceptance and rejection of cannabis

On September 19, 2019, it was announced by National Institute of Health (NIH) that it will spend $3 million to carry out nine different research programs that will investigate those properties of marijuana that will be helpful in relieving pains by focusing only the non-psychoactive components of the drug or CBD and will ignore the psychoactive components which are known as THC. According to Dr. David Shurtleff, who works as deputy Director of NCCIH (National Centre for Complementary Integrative Health), it was important to overlook the THC components because of the two main reasons. One reason is that this part of the drug has already been discovered through extensive research programs and secondly, the addiction and abuse derived from the psychoactive components of weed overpowers its advantages related to illness treatment.

Unfortunately, many bodies rule out the option of medical usage of Cannabis. Most government agencies are overlooking the benefits of drugs and tend to categorize it as a potentially harmful drug. Alex Azar, a famous name of the drug industry, once claimed in a press conference held in Dayton, Ohio that marijuana can never succeed in the form of medical Cannabis.

Still, Marijuana is legal in 44 states of America. In 33 states, it is legal for medical use. In case it is legal to grow cannabis where you live you can save money if you grow it at home. There are many online stores like Growace, which provide all the tools and guides on how to do it by yourself.

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