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FIVE planets are aligning for the first space phenomenon



FIVE planets are aligning for the first space phenomenon:

A breathtaking glimpse of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn as they align in planetary order will be possible on June 24 thanks to a rare, five-planet alignment.

According to Diana Hannikainen, observing editor of Sky & Telescope, the event started at the beginning of June and has gotten brighter and simpler to spot as the month has gone on.

On Friday, another celestial object will join the celebration between Venus and Mars: a waning crescent moon. The moon will stand in for the Earth’s relative location in the alignment, which indicates the position of our planet in the planetary hierarchy.

According to Sky & Telescope, this unusual event won’t happen this year since Mercury and Saturn are closer together than they were in 2004.

How You can View the alignment

FIVE planets are aligning for the first space phenomenon

To see the amazing phenomena, observers will require a clean view of the eastern horizon, according to Hannikainen.

The planetary spectacle can be seen by people without glasses, but for the best viewing, she suggested using binoculars.

She claimed that the hour before sunrise is the optimum time to see the five planets. Check when the sun will rise in your location the night before you intend to see the alignment.

Hannikainen and other astronomers are particularly looking forward to the celestial event.

To have the best view of the alignment, she flew from her house west of Boston to a beach hamlet along the Atlantic Ocean.

In the hopes that it will be clear, Hannikainen stated, “I’ll be out there with my binoculars, looking towards the east and southeast.”

People all across the world will be able to see the action, so you don’t need to go to see it.

While people in the Southern Hemisphere should look along the eastern to northeastern horizon, stargazers in the Northern Hemisphere can see the planets from the eastern to southeastern horizon.

The only prerequisite is a clear sky in the alignment’s direction.

The moon will have continued its circle of the Earth by the following day, pulling the planets out of alignment, she claimed.

According to Sky & Telescope, the next five-planet alignment will take place in 2040 if you miss the current one.

According to The Old Farmers’ Almanac, there will be seven more full moons in 2022:

  • August 11: Sturgeon moon
  • September 10: Harvest moon
  • October 9: Hunter’s moon
  • November 8: Beaver moon
  • December 7: Cold moon

These are the names given to the monthly full moons that have gained popularity, however different Native American tribes may have different interpretations of what each one means.

eclipses of the moon and sun

The Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts that there will be one more total lunar eclipse and a partial solar eclipse in 2022.

When the moon moves in front of the sun but only partially blocks some of its light, a partial solar eclipse occurs.

To view solar eclipses safely, make sure to put on the appropriate eclipse glasses because the sun’s brightness can harm the eyes.

People in Greenland, Iceland, Europe, northeastern Africa, the Middle East, western Asia, India, and western China will be able to see a partial solar eclipse on October 25.

No one in North America will be able to see either of the partial solar eclipses.

On November 8 between 3:01 a.m. ET and 8:58 a.m. ET, a total lunar eclipse will also be visible for those in Asia, Australia, the Pacific, South America, and North America; however, for people in eastern parts of North America, the moon will be setting.

Meteor showers

Check out the remaining 11 showers that will peak in 2022:

  • Southern delta Aquariids: July 29 to 30
  • Alpha Capricornids: July 30 to 31
  • Perseids: August 11 to 12
  • Orionids: October 20 to 21
  • Southern Taurids: November 4 to 5
  • Northern Taurids: November 11 to 12
  • Leonids: November 17 to 18
  • Geminids: December 13 to 14
  • Ursids: December 21 to 22

If you reside in a city, you might want to take a drive to a location free of city lights for the finest view.

Find a space that is open and has a good view of the sky. So that you can gaze directly upward, make sure you have a chair or blanket.

Give your eyes 20 to 30 minutes to acclimatize to the darkness without looking at your phone or other devices so that you can see the meteors more easily.

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Top 10 Best Free Clock Widgets Apps for Smartphones



Top 10 Best Free Clock Widgets Apps for Smartphones: First of all thanks for landing this article, are you searching for the “top 10 best free clock widgets apps for Smartphones”. If yes, then we must say you are in the right place.

All these apps can adorn your phone screen and also keep you updated about time and schedules. So here are the top 10 free clock widgets Apps for Smartphones.

Top 10 Best Free Clock Widgets Apps for Smartphones

1. DIGI Clock Widget

DIGI Clock Widget

DIGI Clock Widget

Let’s begin our countdown with the most used widget on the Google Play store, DIGI Clock. This Widget is also more of a simple fun app. There are various options to choose from in this app.

There are different options available with the given variety of colors, background display, and more added features. You can make the settings on the given system and enjoy its features as well. Simple but very addictive for sure.

2. DashClock Widget

DashClock Widget

DashClock Widget

Now let’s move one step forward new clock widget app on your list is DashClock Widget. There are many options for finding widgets. While DashClock is just another available widget that is there, it is a very good widget indeed.

The factor of clock worthiness is quite low in it. It is also clean, very minimal and there are a lot of factors about it which are good.  When it comes to the added extensions that are there with it, people will love this app.

Other factors like call alerts, text messages, and even weather updates are there with it.




The next android widget on our list is ‘One more clock widget’. This can be the best possible widget available for every android phone. It is fun, crazy, and very out-going.

The app is built with franchises and has got all the necessary detailing required. One is sure to find an app that is going to go with your required tastes and preferences.  You are also allowed to get a widget locker with it.

If you haven’t tried this app before then must try it now, very addictive.




Almost everyone was familiar with this click widget app, Chronus. There is the availability of this Chronus widget which has managed to adorn the given  HomeScreen for months on and off.

It is quite good at what has been intended to do. There is the chance of the time, battery, and all the possibilities being seen. It can go with any wallpaper of your choice and even you can customize it as well.



Minimalistic Text – This app proves to be one of the best widgets that can be available on Android period. There is the level of customizability which however can be very daunting.

There is a good kind of flexibility in the widget and all the possible kinds of weather information and batter information can be found through it.

It can be configured to display time, date, battery, and weather information. Best part is that the layout of the widget is highly customizable through the layout editor.




Now let’s move one step more forward to our next android clock widget, ONCA CLOCK WIDGET. Some people tend to like something pretty, clean, and nice. This is the same for Once clock widgets.

It is considered to be the best in the field and is massively huge and nice. The reading time is a little bit difficult The number that is present in the middle of the circle denotes the actual hour to you.

The colors and the transparency values can also be checked with it and even changed accordingly.

7. Weather & Clock Widget Android

Weather & Clock Widget Android

Weather & Clock Widget Android

The next android free clock widget on our list is the ‘Weather & Clock widget for android’. Almost everyone was familiar with this clock widget, it has more than a 2+million users worldwide and still counting.

This app will provide detailed current weather observation and weather forecasts for all world locations, it searches for your address automatically.

It also provides current weather conditions, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, visibility distance, and precipitation in different units.

8. Clear Clock

Clear Clock

Clear Clock

Are you searching for a simple and low-size clock widget then we must say this ‘Clear Clock’ widget is made for you only.

It comes with more than 20 exclusive themes for your choice. Even supports 27 languages for each day of the week.

You can also access the alarm and calendar directly with this app. Simple, easy to use, and addictive for sure.

9. Analog Clock Widget Plus-7

Analog Clock Widget Plus-7

Analog Clock Widget Plus-7

It’s a basic analog clock with a sweep second hand that I can see from across the room. That is all you need in your smartphone.

The widget can be adjusted in size to 1×1, 2×1, 3×1, 2×2, 3×2, and larger by dragging handles when you first put it on screen.

Can adjust widget’s hand color but not clock face color. The app is just run find on an android device, must try it now.

10. Round Clock Widget

Round Clock Widget

Round Clock Widget

Last but not the least, Round Clock Widget. These are different beautiful round clock widgets designed for your Galaxy and Nexus phones. It’s just simple and clean. You can choose from 20 different styles of round clocks. We must say it is a fantastic design for the home screen mobile phone. This is a fantastic widget and you surely going to love it.

Hope you all enjoyed our list of “Top 10 Best Free Clock Widgets for Smartphones“, first of all, thanks for visiting. On the other hand if by mistake we have forgotten to mention the best free clock widgets in our list then do let us know via comment below.

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Protective Measures Against Mosquitoes As West Nile Virus



The Louisiana Department of Health is advising the public to use mosquito repellent, even though many people may have plans to spend the three-day weekend outside.

This year, more than 100 mosquito pools had West Nile present, more than double the amount from this time last year and significantly earlier than typical, according to LDH.

LDH urges protective measures

Protective Measures Against Mosquitoes As West Nile Virus

Accordingly, over the past couple of years, the months of August have witnessed the greatest counts of positive mosquito pools, according to state epidemiologist Theresa Sokol. “I want people to be aware that there is currently a risk for West Nile,” the speaker said.

The bigger the number, the greater the likelihood that the West Nile Virus will spread among people. Sokol advised the public to adopt certain preventative measures rather than to panic.

According to Sokol, “it’s incredibly impossible to predict what will happen in a mosquito season or even how high levels of mosquito populations that are positive will transfer into human infections.”

The city-agency parish’s for controlling rodents and mosquitoes, Randy Vaeth, said they had been actively watching sites in Baker and along Highland and Perkins roads. the positive news In East Baton Rouge, there aren’t many mosquitoes. However, that will alter.

“This is just the beginning for us. There will be more mosquitoes about. Six mosquito sample tests came back positive for the virus last week, according to Vaeth.

To maintain low mosquito populations, the agency is working extra hours. One human case of West Nile Virus has been confirmed in the state by the health department. According to LDH, the person is asymptomatic and in good health.

According to state health officials, there are numerous ways to avoid mosquito bites. Advice for avoiding mosquito bites:

  • If you plan to spend time outside, you should wear EPA-registered insect repellent and always read and obey product labels.
  • Do not use repellent on broken flesh or beneath your clothes; only use it on exposed skin and exposed clothing.
  • If you’re also using sunscreen, apply it first, followed by the bug repellent.
  • Make sure that windows and doors are tightly fitting and that all screens are free of holes to prevent mosquito exposure when inside.

Take these precautions to keep mosquitoes out of your house:

  • Eliminate standing water around your home to reduce the mosquito population because this is where they breed.
  • Get rid of ceramic pots, tin cans, and other unused containers that have accumulated on your property that could hold water. Any items that could gather water, such as wheelbarrows, plastic wading pools, buckets, trash cans, and children’s toys, should be turned over
  • On the bottom of outdoor recycling bins, drill holes. If there are holes on the edges of a recycling container, there is still area for the container to gather water for mosquitoes to reproduce, thus if there aren’t already holes there, they should be added.
  • Regularly inspect and clean the roof gutters. Every season, clogged gutters can create millions of mosquitoes.
  • If left to stagnate, water gardens and decorative pools can become significant mosquito producers. Take action to stop stagnation by using aeration or adding fish.
  • Inactive swimming pools should be cleaned and chlorinated. For as little as a month, a family’s neglect of a swimming pool might result in enough mosquitoes to cause complaints throughout the area. Be careful that water that gathers on swimming pool covers may even serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • To report mosquito issue locations, get in touch with your local mosquito abatement districts.

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Daily Horoscope for July 9, 2022



IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: A Mercury-Jupiter relationship this year on your birthday indicates that you should rely more on your own judgment than on what the so-called “experts” tell you. Never, ever succumb to pressure from skeptics and doubters to give up your goals.

Your Horoscope

daily horoscope for july 9


March 21-April 19

You might be about to look before you leap. There may come a point when you’re experiencing extreme frustration and could be inclined to react rashly toward someone who is merely a bystander.

They’re probably not out to get you, so try to restrain yourself from biting off their head until you’ve counted to ten. Probably just one of those days, today. You can avoid potential future problems by exercising patience right now.


April 20-May 20

Your day can be fueled by a strong need to complete tasks. Be careful not to micromanage others around you because, regrettably, not everyone will likely be delighted with the way you’re changing the world. You should at least try to be a team player because your approach may not always be the best way.

Be mindful of the impact your words have on your friends and colleagues. It’s a good idea to have a vote before making any final judgments.


May 21-June 20

It’s possible that your social circle is expanding. You might get a new coworker or someone might bring their friend even though they weren’t invited.

If the unexpected addition to the group isn’t making you happy, you might want to avoid being friendly and instead gravitate toward the folks you already know.

Consider reaching out in friendship to someone rather than avoiding them. You were probably the new person at one point and hoped that someone would like you.


June 21-July 22

It’s possible that a buddy on whom you relied won’t keep their word today. Even if you genuinely relied on them to show up for you, there’s a chance they’ll leave you hanging. Even if it would be simple to complain about how they are treating you, think about handling things on your own instead of whining now. They could be willing to reimburse you in the future if they have excellent justifications for falling short now. You never know when you might require a favor!


July 23-August 22

Today, someone might question your authority. Even though you probably put in a lot of effort to reach where you are and expect others to appreciate you for your knowledge, someone might still disagree with you or try to discredit you in some other way.

It’s possible that they’re attempting to make you look bad or simply don’t realize how they come across, but in either case, it’s usually not worth a fight. Keep your calm and keep in mind that their skepticism doesn’t diminish your abilities.


August 23-September 22

You never know when unexpected knowledge will knock on your door. Though this information could make you feel awkward or even embarrassed, try not to allow it stop you from moving on.

It’s possible that you or others failed to live up to your expectations, which led you to mistrust your team or yourself.

Remember that everything has a learning curve and that making mistakes is normal. Every failure serves as a learning experience and a chance to attempt again, knowing which approach didn’t work the first time.


September 23-October 22

Today, a respected peer may attempt to undermine your confidence. Their advice probably means a lot to you, especially if you’ve placed a lot of trust in their authority throughout your life.

Today, they might criticize you; whether it’s constructive or not, it will probably be hard to take. Make an attempt to hear what they have to say about you and decide whether you concur, ignore it, or let it go.


October 23-November 21

Right now, you might wear your heart on your sleeve. Even if you generally keep your ideas and emotions to yourself, you might discover that today you just blurt out whatever comes to mind.

Because not everything that comes to mind will be favorable to the people in your life, it could take extra effort to refrain from voicing your thoughts if you want to appease others. If you can, try to be sincere without offending anyone.


November 22-December 21

At this point, you might try to let your inner daredevil out. Today, you might be compelled to take more chances or push the limits, even though others might not share your enthusiasm for doing so.

If your actions include other people, try to be conscious of whether or not they find your antics amusing. They might simply be trying to get through the day. Regardless, you have the option to advance, but keep in mind that there may be resistance.


December 22-January 19

Deep emotions can at last come to the surface. Your buttons may be being pushed by a significant person in your life in the way that only they can.

Since they are the ones who know you the best, those closest to you have the potential to hurt you the most, especially if you have decided to open your heart to them and they continue to do so. Try to determine why they are berating you in this way before you lose your cool. There might be more to it than that!


January 20-February 18

Right now, it could be challenging to be your true self in front of people. While everyone has secrets to keep from the public, you can be attempting to mislead someone about who you really are.

Make sure you’re not promising things you can’t keep only to acquire what you want. This may or may not be required in your current position. Presenting oneself as vastly different from who you are in reality might quickly backfire on you.


February 19-March 20

It’s possible to be too hard on yourself today. You can unintentionally be tearing yourself down even if you’re just attempting to strengthen a part of your life that you perceive to be weak.

Because you can be making fun of yourself or talking negatively about yourself while doing this, which could potentially sow the seeds of doubt in your mind. Do your best to replace thoughts of your past failures with thoughts of your future accomplishments.

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Wordle 385 Answer Today: Wordle Playing Guide And Solution For July 9



Wordle 385 Answer Today: Wordle Solution For July 9- Since wordle’s popularity skyrocketed earlier this year, people continue to find it appealing. Since Wordle was acquired by The New York Times, many people have discovered a useful way to test their English vocabulary, despite the game’s straightforward rules and five-letter word requirement.

Players must correctly predict the world in six tries because Wordle updates its word of the day at midnight. Color-coded tiles are used to convey the hints.

Answer to Wordle 385 for July 9

wordle play

The word STEAD, which means “the place or role that someone or something should have or fill,” is the answer to today’s Wordle (385, from July 9).]


Any desktop or mobile browser, including Google Chrome, Brave, Safari, and others, can play Wordle. Players can access the official website (link) and access this no-cost game without signing up.

Additionally, the website features a straightforward layout, allowing people to start playing right away. Users can select between “Hard Mode,” “Dark Theme,” and “Colour Bling Mode” in the top-right settings section.

In order to win, you must correctly guess a secret five-letter word in Wordle within six tries. The right answer will designate a certain block with a single letter as “green.”

The letter “R” will be highlighted in yellow if it appears in the secret world but is placed in the incorrect block in your chosen world.

If the block stays gray, the letter is not present anywhere. In other words, the secret word is constantly changing because Wordle selects a new word of the day every day.

In addition, this hidden Wordle phrase is entirely random, although there are several strategies to get close to your objective.

Consider using a term with numerous vowels as the first word because it’s likely to be the most significant. For instance, having words like adieu, audio, and ourie on hand is a good idea.

Second, make sure your vocabulary has at least a few 5-letter terms with numerous vowels in the first row. In the Wordle game, try to avoid using the same words repeatedly, but sometimes you just have to take a chance.

The New York Times acquired Wordle earlier this year, expanding their selection of games. According to NYT, it paid Josh Wardle, the game’s creator, an unknown “seven-figure payment” to sell him the game.

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Al Ain Zoo Celebrates World Penguin Day



World Penguin Day: In honor of World Penguin Day, the Al Ain Zoo has stated that it would emphasize its initiatives to safeguard and conserve penguins.

Al Ain Zoo Celebrates World Penguin Day

world penguine day

world penguine day

88 Humboldt penguins, a species that is listed on the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, are now living in the zoo.

The zoo’s continued dedication to penguin conservation is demonstrated by the numerous training programs it has put in place to ensure the highest levels of care and advance the welfare of the animals.

Initiatives that promote positive behavior and involvement in social interactions are part of these programs.

The opportunity to feed the penguins, which enables visitors to the zoo to view the birds up close and snap priceless pictures, is a special highlight for visitors.

Along with this encounter, the zoo also offers educational material about penguins, the difficulties they encounter in the wild, and strategies for saving them from extinction.

Al Ain Zoo also undertakes a number of other wildlife conservation programs in addition to its efforts to conserve penguins.

The Biodiversity Study Programme, which classifies animal species and keeps tabs on migrating birds and butterflies, is one of the most prominent of them.

A bigger number of birds have settled at the zoo, showing that they regard Al Ain Zoo as a new resting spot, and the program has been successful in observing new species.

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