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Briana DeJesus FINALLY Responds to Rumors That She’s Hooking Up With Chris Lopez!


Briana DeJesus and Kailyn Lowry have never been friends, exactly.

Depending on which one of them you ask, you might get a very different answer as to why that is.

Briana is likely to tell you that Kail didn’t like her from the moment she joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 — perhaps she felt threatened, or simply didn’t feel like sharing her spotlight.

Lowry, on the other hand, would probably say that her dislike for DeJesus has to do with Briana’s decision to date Javi Marroquin, the ex-husband with whom Kail was reportedly on the verge of reconciling.

We’re not sure which story is more accurate, but we do know the whole mess has been made worse by rumors that Briana is hooking up with Chris Lopez .

And Bri’s latest comments on the subject certainly haven’t helped the situation.

Take a look:

2. Kail’s Creed

Kail's Creed

As you probably know, Kail welcomed her fourth child back in July. The baby boy, named Creed, is her second kid by Lopez.

3. An Honest Attempt

An Honest Attempt

Though she’s never quite gotten along with Lopez, Kail has always been clear about the fact that she wants all four of her boys to have close relationships with their fathers.

4. A New Beginning?

A New Beginning?

And so, she allowed Chris to be present in the delivery room, and for a short period of time, Creed’s parents actually seemed to get along.

5. Fed Up

Fed Up

As usual, the problems that interfered with Chris and Kail’s relationship were numerous, but one act in particular seemed to serve as the final straw for Lowry.

6. A Thin Line Between Like and Hate

A Thin Line Between Like and Hate

Chris liked this photo of Briana on Instagram. Maybe it’s because Bri is her rival, or perhaps it’s the fact that DeJesus appears to be topless in the pic — whatever the reason, Kail reportedly went ballistic.

7. Chris Speaks Out

Chris Speaks Out

Lopez posted an Instagram Live in which he mocked Kail and the media for making so much out of a simple like.

8. Making His Case

Making His Case

“Are you butthurt about one picture?” he asked. “Oh my god, you need to grow up. You’re like probably 50 worrying about why I liked a picture. That’s what the app is for, guys.”

9. Petty Crime

Petty Crime

Chris later confessed that he liked the pic to get under Kail’s skin, saying, “At the time I was being petty. I can admit it, at the time I was being petty.”

10. Retaliation


Hilariously, Kail recently fired back by liking this photo of of Devoin Austin, one of Briana’s baby daddies.

11. Innocent Bystander?

Innocent Bystander?

Despite being caught in the middle of this vicious back-and-forth between Kail and Chris, Briana has mostly kept her opinions to herself and allowed events to unfold as they may … until now.

12. Poking the Bear

Poking the Bear

In a recent interview with the website Celeb, Bri finally responded to the allegations that she’s secretly hooking up with Chris — and her comments are sure to make Kail even more upset.

Speaking Her Mind

Speaking Her Mind

“I’m not sure why this is suddenly a topic of discussion again — even though I have to admit it’s kind of funny as you know Kail’s going to be aggravated and she’s been nothing but a b-tch to me ever since I came on the show — but since it is, I’m going to address it,” DeJesus began.

14. Summing Up the Situation

Summing Up the Situation

“Chris Lopez — Kail’s baby daddy — liked a photo of me on Instagram and suddenly there’s all these reports going around that either I’m trying to date him or he’s trying to date me or that we’re hooking up to spite Kail,” she continued.

Clearing the Air

Clearing the Air

“None of this could be further from the truth,” Briana stated in no uncertain terms. “I am not hooking up with Chris, I have never hooked up with Chris, and I never will hook up with Chris.”

Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade

From there, Briana roasted both Chris and Kail with one comment.

Boom, Roasted

Boom, Roasted

“Even if I was attracted to him — which I’m not, to be clear — I want NO involvement with Kail or anyone she’s been involved with nor am I trying to give her babies a half-sibling LMAO.”

The Past Is the Past

The Past Is the Past

Briana admitted that she might be deserving of some suspicion due to her past involvement with Javi, but she insists she’s totally blameless this time.

Acknowledging Past Mistakes

Acknowledging Past Mistakes

“Yes, I know people will jump down my throat and say, ‘Well you already did cuz of Javi,’” Bri said. “I admit that and clearly, that relationship was a mistake.”

A Solid Point

A Solid Point

“Not to mention he was cheating on all of us and playing all of us, so there’s that too- but unlike some people *cough* Kail *cough* I learn from my past. I would not repeat that mistake again,” she added.

Going There

Going There

At that point, Bri brought up another part of Kail’s past that the mother of four would probably prefer not to think about.

Bonded By Beef

Bonded By Beef

“Say what you will about Jenelle Evans — who I’ve always had a cordial relationship with — but facts are facts and she’s right regarding Kail,” Bri said, alluding to the feud between the former co-stars. “Kail continues to come for the same people time and time again — namely, Jenelle and I.”

Trouble From the Start

Trouble From the Start

“She has had an issue with me since day one,” DeJesus added, turning her attention back to Kail, “and while at first it seemed to be over Javi- which, again, if she was over him I’m not really sure why that would have been an issue in the first place- I’m not quite sure what her issue is with me now.

An Allegation of Snobbery

An Allegation of Snobbery

“While she thinks she’s ‘above’ me — and everyone else for that matter — the truth is that we all ended up on Teen Mom because we got pregnant at 16. For all of our ‘differences,’ we all started from the same place,” Bri added.

No Longer Trying

No Longer Trying

DeJesus went on to say that she’s through trying to patch things up with Lowry: “At this point,” she said, “I don’t care to engage with Kail in terms of exploring ‘patching a relationship.’ I offered that up in the past to no avail and she continued to put me down and come for me … For how mature she wants to appear to be, it’s clear she’s still holding on to a grudge from the past.”

The WAP Chronicles

The WAP Chronicles

“And I’m sure the rumors regarding Chris and I are only going to fuel her fire, but you heard it here from the source’s mouth — Chris and I are not an item and will never be,” DeJesus said. “I want no part of anything Kail’s WAP has touched, for real. Whatever’s between her and her baby daddies — including ones that beat her and cheat on her — is between her. I’m over anything involving her.”

Putting An End to the Rumors

Putting An End to the Rumors

“If Chris and I are friendly on Instagram, I’m confirming that’s the extent of our ‘relationship,’” Bri added. “I’ve never met him, don’t intend to meet him, and- again- am not and WILL not ever date him or hook up with him. And that’s that.”

Dropping the Mic

Dropping the Mic

“I apologize in advance that Kail won’t have something new to bash me on or attack me over,” Briana continued. “But knowing that old dog never learns new tricks I’m sure she can continue to harp on me from whatever past issues she has with me in her head. I can’t wait to hear the next Coffee and Convos where my name will surely come up.”

A Final Burn

A Final Burn

“You’re welcome in advance for that free press, Kail,” DeJesus concluded. “Next time I’ll charge. Peace.” Something tells us that this feud is far from over!

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