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Where Is Brandon Hatmaker Now?


Brandon Hatmaker, HGTV’s star, is now divorced from his first wife. According to reports, he had an affair which led to his divorce from his first wife. Many fans are curious about his current location after the divorce.

HGTV Relationship To Brandon Hatmaker

The HGTV relationship between Brandon Hatmaker and Jen Hatmaker has been a hot topic recently. His recent divorce from Jen Hatmaker, star of My Big Family Renovation, has been a hot topic.

Brandon Hatmaker

They had been married 27 years. They separated in August 2020. They divorced in Hays County 22nd District Court, Texas. They have five children together.

They also founded Austin New Church. Their charity, the Legacy Collective is dedicated to preventing child trafficking and providing affordable housing. They also support the LGBTQ community.

They are also authors and speakers. Jen is the author of several bestsellers. She is also a speaker, blogger, and author. She was invited to take part in HGTV’s home renovation shows.

Affair Caused Brandon Hatmaker To Divorce From His Wife 

It is still unknown if Brandon Hatmaker was involved in an affair that led to his divorce from his wife. Although there aren’t any concrete facts, rumors abound that Brandon had an affair, according to Rachel Hollis (author and lifestyle blogger).

Jen Hatmaker and Brandon Hatmaker were married in 1993. They have five children. They adopted two Ethiopian children in 2015 They also founded Legacy Collective, which is a non-profit community that works to prevent child slavery and provide healthcare.

They also founded Austin New Church, Austin, Texas. After 27 years of marriage Brandon and Jen Hatmaker divorced in August 2020.They didn’t disclose the reasons for their divorce.

It is possible that Brandon Hatmaker had an affair, but he has kept his private life secret. Although rumors of an affair have not been confirmed or denied, he has been less active on social media following his divorce.

Legacy Collective

Brandon Hatmaker, HGTV star and philanthropist is a huge fan of motorcycles and fast cars. He also loves underdogs. He is a former pastor and has extensive experience in non-profit work.

He is an author, public speaker, and has written many books on community impact. A Mile Wide: Serving the least in a Consumer Culture is his latest inspirational book.

Brandon Hatmaker and Jennifer Lynn Hatmaker were married in 1993. They have five children. Two children were adopted by the couple from Ethiopia in 2011. They also owned a house in Buda Texas.

In 2008, Brandon and Jen Hatmaker founded Austin New Church. They now have four families in their congregation. They wanted to build stronger relationships with the community.

They wanted to encourage others to donate to charity. The community was created to provide housing and health care for the most vulnerable. They were also concerned by racism and child trafficking.

Hobbies And Interests

Brandon Hatmaker has many interests and hobbies, but the Harley Davidson motorcycle is his favorite. He enjoys horse riding, sports, and fast cars. He is a big Johnny Cash fan. In his living room, he has a painting that depicts the late performer.

He enjoys reading, watching movies and watching the latest TV programs. He is also involved in romantic relationships. He founded the Legacy Collective.

He loves Harley Davidson motorcycles, and he also owns a Harley Davidson bike. In his living room, he has a large Johnny Cash painting. He enjoys shopping and sports watching.

He is also a huge fan of the LQBTQ+ communities. He is a prolific writer on the topic, as well as having a supportive family. He is also the father of two children, one of which he adopted from his wife. Jen, his wife, is an activist for women’s rights. She is also a strong defender of LGBT communities. She is also a feminist.

Family Life

Jen Hatmaker and Brandon had a large family during their marriage. Two children, Ben and Remy, were adopted from Ethiopia by the couple. They now have five children.

Jen and Brandon are a married couple who made Buda, Texas their home. They are also active in Christian ministry. They also advocate for the LGBTQ community and racial equality. They are well-known for appearing on television shows and speaking out about important social issues.

They own a motorcycle and a dog. Austin Luxury Builders is their construction company. They also participate in Legacy Collective, a philanthropic initiative. They are committed to preventing child trafficking and providing quality health care.

Brandon Hatmaker was raised in strict Christian homes. In 1995, he graduated from Oklahoma Baptist University.

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