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Lilith, the Lead in the Film “Borderlands,” has been cast

Borderlands movie : The lead role in the upcoming Borderlands film, which is based on the popular cel-shaded video game shooting series, has been cast.

Lilith, a Siren with remarkable abilities, will be played by Cate Blanchett.

Lilith was one of the four playable classes in the first Borderlands game and a non-playable character in the others.

Lilith is recognised for her ability to “Phasewalk,” which allows her to become invisible to foes, move at a faster speed, and then use her Phase Blast skill to blast enemies.

Randy Pitchford, the CEO of Gearbox and co-producer of the Borderlands film, described the ability as “sort of like when Frodo puts on the ring, except when she takes it off she can destroy everything around her with a shock wave nova effect,” which is fairly amusing now that Blanchett is in the part.

After all, Galadriel, the Elven queen from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, is one of her most well-known performances.

She refused to take the One Ring from Frodo at the time, but in the Borderlands film, she gets a taste of its power.

Some have speculated that Blanchett, who is 51 years old, is too old for the role of Lilith. To that, I can only remark that we should all be so well-dressed.

Since the Fellowship of the Ring in 2001, she hasn’t aged a day. I can’t say if she’s the best fit for the part or not, but I don’t think her age should be a factor.

Blanchett will be directed by Eli Roth, with whom she previously collaborated in The House With The Clock In Its Walls, which I thought was a good—though not great—film.

Will Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel be able to break the Video Game Film Curse? When we hear about these adaptations, we always have this question.

In most cases, the answer is “no.” Some video game films, such as the new Jumanji films or Wreck-It Ralph, have escaped the curse by focusing on gaming in general rather than a single game.

Others, such as the surprisingly enjoyable Sonic The Hedgehog Movie, were only able to succeed because they listened to early audience criticism.

In many ways, Borderlands is the ideal game series for a film adaptation. It’s colourful and funny, and it never takes itself too seriously.

The film’s quest takes place against a fantastic sci-fi backdrop with a Wild West flavour.

Vault Hunters are treasure hunters on the hunt for the best treasures and fighting monsters, all while nefarious corporations do everything they can to sabotage their efforts.

The film’s specifics are still unknown. It’s unknown how closely it’ll stick to the games’ plots, or whether we’ll see other characters like Handsome Jack reappear.

With Blanchett’s casting as the leading lady, we should expect to learn more soon.

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