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Bobby Guy: Know About Rose Marie’s Ex Husband


Rose Marie’s husband, Bobby Guy who was notable for appearing on the Dick Van Dyke show.

He also performed with Kaye Keyser, Louis Armstrong, and Hoagy Carmichael as a trumpet player.

On “The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson,” he would be the first trumpet player.

Bobby, as he was affectionately called, died as a result of a blood illness.

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Who is Bobby Guy?

bobby guy

Mr. Guy, who was born in Lambertville, New Jersey, worked as a staff musician in the National Broadcasting Company studios for nine years (NBC).

Bobby Guy was a well-known big band trumpet musician of the day.

He was a member of Kay Kyser’s famed band. Guy became a member of the band in 1936.

“He had a slightly imposing exterior betraying a pleasant demeanour,” according to Kay Kyser’s website.

Guy’s amazing sense of humour enlivened the band. He took a break from music while in the band to serve in the military.

After some time had passed, he returned.

Gur stayed with the band until 1949, when he quit to pursue other opportunities.

Later, during the network’s pre-Johnny Carson days, he played for the NBC orchestra.

He and Marie moved to Van Nuys, California, after he got the position at NBC.

Marie spent her entire life in California before passing away.

Guy, a native of New Jersey, worked as a staff musician at NBC for nine years before his away in 1964.

Guy has also played trumpet on a number of Louis Armstrong songs.

Rose Marie gained notoriety for her portrayal of Sally Rogers, “the husband hunter,” whose actions frightened men rather than attracted them.

Bobby Guy turned out to be the man of her dreams.

Before the war, Marie met Bobby Guy while performing in a New Jersey nightclub.

Guy was in his band, playing the trumpet. Rose Marie states that she decided to marry Guy three days after meeting him.

In 1946, they married after falling in love. At the time, Marie was only 22 years old.

Rose Marie ex husband

Bobby Guy died in 1964 when he was 48 years old.

According to the doctor’s official statement, he died as a result of, “”An unexpected, life-threatening bloodstream illness.”

Rose Marie and Bobby Guy were celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary in a few weeks.

The abrupt death of Rose Marie’s husband was difficult to bear, but she overcame her grief for the sake of her daughter.

“”I raised my daughter because my husband died when he was 48,” she explained. “So I had a double obligation to look after her, myself, and my mother while continuing my profession.

” I owe a debt of gratitude to my followers for keeping me going.”

Rose Marie stayed in the same house for many years, changing the decor only much later.

She wanted to keep everything the way Guy had left it till then.

“I couldn’t sleep in our bedroom for six months after he died,” Marie explained.

She didn’t marry again. Georgiana Marie Guy was the couple’s only child.

Bobby Guy daughter ‘Georgiana Marie Guy

‘Georgiana Marie Guy,’ Marie and Guy’s only daughter and only child, survives them.

They affectionately referred to her as “Noopy.” Rose Marie had been a successful equestrian in her youth, winning several prizes despite suffering from a major injury that would have effectively ended her career.

Noopy wanted to follow in her parents’ footsteps and pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

She, on the other hand, liked to be behind the camera rather than in front of it.

Georgiana Marie Guy worked as a TV producer on ‘The Tomorrow Show.’

She even made a documentary called ‘Wait For Your Laugh’ for her mother.

While they were both working on ‘The Saturday Show,’ Noopy met former Emmy Award-winning director Steven Rodrigues.

She married him afterwards and changed her name to Georgiana Guy Rodrigues after they married.

Bobby & Marie net worth

Bobby Guy’s net worth is impossible to estimate because he died young.

Rose Marie’s net worth is estimated to be less than $1 million.

The reason for this is that actors in that era earned significantly less than actresses now.

Marie began her career as a child performer. ‘Baby Rose Marie’ was her stage name when she began singing as a vocalist.

She would do comedy and sing in various settings, clubs, and pubs.

Her musical career began at the same time. She eventually went on the radio.

She had a radio comedy show and worked in the developing film and television sector.

She continued to work in the industry as a musician and comedian throughout the 1930s.

She has performed with well-known orchestras and bands. She went on hiatus for a few years before returning in the 1960s.

She made a comeback with a couple of TV shows before landing the lead role of Sally Rogers on the ‘Dick Van Dyke Show.’

She acted in this role for five years. She went on to appear in other TV shows after that.

She appeared in almost a dozen programmes and episodes of television.

She was a mainstay on television from the 1960s until the 1990s. She has appeared in films such as ‘Murphy Brown,’ ‘Caronline in City,’ and ‘Wings.’

In the 1990s, she left the acting business. Later on, she did some reunion events and other guest appearances, but her appearances dwindled.

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