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Big Boss 16 Today Written Update: Nomination Has Been Start


The Tuesday, January 31st, 2023 episode of your favourite and polarising TV reality show, Bigg Boss 16, is bringing the high-voltage drama and the nominations task, where Bigg Boss is going to announce the “Time Calculating” task under which the remaining contestants have to pay for each second while counting the time on their fingertips and if they will go correctly so they would get a prize.

Bigg Boss asks the contestants to report to the activity area where the setup is waiting for them at the beginning of the most recent episode.

This will be crucial because their fate is held by the task, so it will be fascinating to see who will live up to the expectations of both Bigg Boss and their fans.

Since only a few days left until the grand finale, the clock counting will determine nominations, and no one knows who will be evicted this time.

Therefore, whoever is nominated will immediately leave the house.

Today’s Episode of Bigg Boss 16 Written Update

Later, celebrity designer Ken Frens makes a visit in the Big Brother house while creating the perfect avatar for each competitor based on their characteristics.

He then contacts each contestant individually to share their suggestions for the clothing. Because in his opinion Bigg Boss finalists are typically the most adaptable, he would like to learn what they think about their clothing choices.

As a result, he originally requested MC Stan to visit and offer some ideas while bringing him. However, when MC showed him a design for a rainbow, MC refuted it by claiming that he already had his own rainbow in his life.

Priyanka also receives a lot of praise for her sense of style when it comes to dressing well and for her original ideas.

Ken refers to her as the most fashionable competitor on the BB16 because of the way she carries herself while wearing the attire, which is truly fantastic.

Priyanka is overjoyed to receive such praise because she did not anticipate it, but it did, and as a result, she shares her thoughts with him, making Ken feel wonderful as well. Watch it on Colors TV, and stay tuned for more information by following chopnews.com