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Latest News Bidenharris: And Vice President Biden Runs in 2024


Bidenharris: Trump and his ilk seem to forget that Vice President Biden is politically clever enough to see that whether or not President Biden runs in 2024 is a decision he must make, as is whether or not Biden will continue to have Harris as his running mate, as is customary.

Even if events and things cannot be connected, the political right in the United States, with or without Donald Trump’s help, understands exactly how to connect them.

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President Joseph Biden’s approval rating has plummeted to an all-time low of 38%, and right-wingers have linked this to the amount of times the President and his Vice-President, Kamala Harris, have been spotted together recently.

The conclusion is obvious: Harris does not want to be associated with someone whose poll numbers are declining because she does not want to compromise her chances for re-election in 2024.

The fact that President Bidenharris still wants to run for a second term is a distinct subject that may be discussed at a later date. Right now, the right-wing narrative is that relations between the President and his deputy are strained.

President Biden and his senior White House

President Biden and his senior White House advisers have emphasised during the campaign and since taking office that Harris will be the first and last voice in the room before any significant policy choices are made.

Since January 2021, she has been spotted at the White House at the President’s Daily Briefings as well as having a weekly private lunch with the boss, as is customary for modern Presidents.

To make it even more difficult for the right to swallow, Harris has been assigned the lead role in a number of thorny subjects, including police reform, immigration, and voting laws.

Despite the fact that none of these have produced anything significant, many people were offended that Harris was given the starring part.

This isn’t the first time Harris or the Democrats have had to deal with a song like this. Many people were surprised, even during the campaign, that the California Senator would go on Biden, particularly on matters like racial segregation, and slam him for cozying up to segregationists in the Senate.

What was even more shocking to some was Biden’s subsequent selection of Harris as his running mate, which sparked a flurry of wacky speculations about Biden’s eligibility and background, something Trump purposefully avoided during electioneering.

The extreme wing even went so far as to repeat the ridiculous pizza-gate idea that haunted Hillary Clinton’s campaign:

Democrats were orchestrating a paedophile enterprise run out of a pizza parlour in Washington, DC that Harris’ sister was supposed to have visited! Then came George Soros, with the political right alleging that the Hungarian benefactor forced Bidenharris to accept Harris as his running mate.

Apart from her first-class legal background, which included serving as a top law enforcement officer in America’s largest state, Kamala Harris had a profile that none of her predecessors had: she was the first non-white Vice-Presidential nominee and highest-ranking Asian American, the daughter of a Jamaican father and an Indian mother.

In any case, Harris was doomed. If she is seen floundering in the policy areas entrusted to her, she may be accused of taking on more than she can handle; on the other hand, the Biden White House could be accused of purposely assigning difficult areas so that Harris would fail and be sidelined.

However, the Harris campaign understands that, in the current climate, staying quiet is the best option: if the Vice-President is seen vigorously defending her President, she would be accused of attempting to overshadow Biden and hence her “intentions” for 2024.

Indeed, former President Trump and his supporters publicly discussed a Biden presidency lasting no longer than two months, with the 25th Amendment being applied to place Harris in the White House.

The political right has despised Kamala Harris from the start of the 2020 campaign, with Trump branding her a socialist and a communist.

“She’s more socialist than a socialist.” She is a member of the communist party. “She wants to open the borders so that killers, murderers, and rapists can flood into our country,” Trump had stated.

What is the Grand Old Party?

But what many in the Grand Old Party didn’t realise was that Biden would offer Harris the same leeway as President Barack Obama had granted his Vice-President, knowing and respecting the President’s limits.

Presidents have been leaning on their Number Two in a variety of ways since the 1950s, and they haven’t even batted an eyelid for fear of being politically surpassed.

In all the hullabaloo about how many times Bidenharris and Harris have met in the last eight months or how many times they have skipped a meeting together.

It’s easy to forget that this Vice President is politically astute enough to recognise that whether President Obama runs in 2024 is a decision he will have to make, as is the decision whether Bidenharris will still have Harris as his running mate, as is customary.

Vice President Harris understands that it is best for her to keep a low profile until Biden takes a call, not because she is submissive, but because she is politically astute.

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