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Best Currencies to Trade the INR Against



Forex market is fascinating and offers many opportunities. When paired with the right currencies, the rupee can offer great prospects.

Read on to find more about Currencies to Trade the INR Against.

How are Currency Pairs Traded

Currencies to Trade the INR Against

Currencies trading pairs are packaged in standardised packages called lots. To calculate gains or losses, pips are multiplied with the amount of the lot you traded to get the total amount.

This article will discuss the best currencies to trade INR against. To help you choose the best forex brokers in the UK, we’ve also created a trading list of forex traders.


The dynamic between India and the US is interesting to say the least. As India expands its manufacturing sector, the trade imbalance between them is beginning to level out.

All of these factors make USD/INR a currency pair worth watching in the long-term. As the US shifts away from China’s manufacturing, to countries like India and the growing middle class in India,


Great Britain has been negotiating trade deals with other countries since leaving the European Union. India exports leather products and textiles to the UK, as well as food and services. Both sides will continue to need rupees and dollars.

In recent months, the pound has experienced volatility, which has allowed it to trade at par with the US dollar. This pair has great potential, as the pound gains its place in the market, and India becomes a major player in the Asian market.


India’s third largest trading partner is the EU. It accounted for 10.8% in India’s total trade volume in 2021. The euro and rupee will remain in high demand in both countries, which will lead to exciting trades.

An interesting fact about India and the EU’s trade relations is the high level of services trade between them. This means that there are more interactions between Indians, Europeans, and the need for them to exchange their currencies.


The forex market can be described as a tug-of-war. Currency pair are the participants, while government policies and trade imbalances are the forces they pull. Indian rupee is the best at putting on a great match.

India has made great strides in addressing its major problems. The rupee pair is still a popular choice for forex traders.

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