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Best brunch places in Hong Kong during the weekend: Know how to enjoy your meals best


Best brunch places in Hong Kong during the weekend: Know how to enjoy your meals best: The life in Hong Kong is no less exciting and fun with so many recreational opportunities to indulge. You can head to a pristine beach to get the tan, walk up to a mountain to pamper the adventure enthusiast in you or get a hangover with a nice classy drink. The options are many, and you get plenty of opportunities to explore them. But, on the weekend, you may want to sleep a bit more, relax, and have your meals little later. When in this place, you don’t have to worry about all this because there are lots of brunch places here that serve amazing breakfast-cum-lunch meals to their guests.

Best brunch places in Hong Kong during the weekend: Know how to enjoy your meals best

Best brunch places in Hong Kong

If you want you can add a dash of excitement to this experience by trying different menu themes every weekend without pinching your pocket. Here are the choices you can play with easily.

Go for the Nordic delights

One of the exciting parts of the brunch in Hong Kong is the variety of food. If you have never tasted Nordic recipes, then look for a place that serves authentic cuisine. From Chicken Liver Parfait and Tee Fish Chips to Poached Cod, the choices are difficult to resist. Along with that, you can also get the free flow of the cocktails, wines, and beers for a few minutes. Those who love desserts can try Mint Chocolates and Swedish Coffee among others.

Gorge in the British fare

You can treat your tongue to British taste by trying the specially roasted beef ribs, roasted loin of pork, etc. For sweets, you can order Apple crumble, Pear Trifle and other such delicacies. Besides, you can also look forward to British cheese spread containing figs, celery, grapes, and other exciting ingredients.

Pamper your palate with Chinese dishes

Another twist that you can add to your choice of foods is that go for a Chinese brunch on the weekend. The aroma of Chicken waffles, spiced noodles, and roast duck will leave you craving for more. On top of that, you can select a tasty dessert, such as salted caramels, green tea ice creams and many more. Additionally, you can round off your experience with some refreshing cocktails.

Spoil your palate with casual Australian flavors

Some of the brunch places in this port city specialize in Aussie cuisines. From dirty eggs and toast with smashed avocados to fresh oysters and prawns, you can taste everything in their authentic Australian flavors.

Try something from the French kitchen

Take a sip of your champagne while munching on some of the best French recipes that the region has to offer to its weekend visitors. Tasty smoked salmons, burgers, varieties of cheeses, and sweets – you can go on exploring everything, yet the craving will not cease.

As you can see, the sheer choices of the brunch menu are so exciting, and if you set yourself up and include them in your list, nothing will be able to match this experience. Hence, before the next weekend comes, plan what you want to eat and reserve your place.

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