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Belinda Russell & Relationship with Alex Rodriguez


Belinda Russell is a well-known television personality. Continue reading to learn more about her relationship with Alex Rodriguez and other aspects about her life.

What is Belinda Russell’s background? and relationship with Alex Rodriguez

belinda russellAlex Rodriguez, also known as A-rod, recently ended his relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

Belinda Russell, a television host, has made waves after his breakup, revealing that A-rod sent her a private message on Instagram.

Internet users are curious as to who Belinda Russell is and how she is related to A-rod. Continue reading to find out.

What is Belinda Russell’s background?

Belinda Russell is an Australian newsreader and television host. She is currently a co-host of the Australian morning chat programme Today Extra and conducts a weeknight weather program.

Belinda Calvert is the mother of three daughters, Coco, Tallulah, and Maddi, and is married to Mark Calvert.

According to TG Time, Belinda studied journalism at the University of Southern Queensland and graduated with a bachelor’s degree.

After the popularity of her show, Absolutely Wild Belinda, she became a well-known host.

Belinda relocated to London after leaving the show and is one of the few Australians to have worked for Sky News.

She has become well-known as the host of the Nine News Sydney show. Belinda is well-known for her Tik Tok records in addition to her excellent professional career.

Since A-breakup rod’s with Jennifer Lopez, Belinda Russell has been all over the place.

Belinda Russell stated that Alex Rodriguez sent her a private message on Instagram, according to a report on the Nine website.

According to reports, A-rod texted her and said, “Great feed.” However, a spokeswoman for Alex Rodriguez later told E! News that it wasn’t Alex who texted Belinda Russell; rather, it was Alex’s daughters Natasha and Elle who did so.

Both daughters are huge admirers of Belinda’s dancing and Tiktok videos, according to the spokesman.

However, it’s unclear why Natasha and Elle used Alex’s account to contact Russell, given Rodriguez stated that each of her daughters have their own accounts.

Alex has been spending time with his family since his divorce, and he even shared a selfie with them on Instagram. Take a look at the video below.

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