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Automobile Repairs Don’t Have To Drain Your Savings: Try The Firestone Card


Automobile Repairs Don’t Have To Drain Your Savings: Try The Firestone Card: It’s time for you to pick a credit card. You have hundreds of options similar in terms of cash back, reward points, travel reward cards, balance transfer, and in-store purchases. Among all types of credit cards, you can get, the store cards are the most beneficial for dedicated shoppers. Most famous American stores have store cards for simplifying the payment options for big purchases. Just like every other credit card, a store card targets specific shoppers in the market. Making the right financial decision can be tricky and the same card might not be equally beneficial for two people.

Automobile Repairs Don’t Have To Drain Your Savings: Try The Firestone Card

The Firestone credit card offers unique financing options for customers interested in shopping from Firestone stores across the US. Firestone offers this card via the Credit First National Association (CFNA), a third-party finance company. This particular retail card allows the customers to shop for auto parts and avail automobile services at all Firestone locations. It is NOT a regular credit card, so you cannot use it to pay other retailers or use it at an ATM. If you have already made your credit decision, you can apply for a Firestone card online, or you can visit a nearby store.

Why is prequalifying for the Firestone credit card beneficial for every car owner?

Having a Firestone retail card on you will make paying for expensive car repairs or car part shopping quite easy. It offers shoppers monthly coupons and special financing terms. This credit card can help you defer the interest charges you would otherwise incur trying to pay for an expensive repair job. It is a unique opportunity to avail 0% APR on all purchases, as long as the buyer pays off the amount in full within six months of the sale date. You must remember that upon late payment, CFNA will apply an APR of 22.8% on the initial amount of purchase and not the remaining installment. As long as you can manage to use the card without missing payments or paying off the original amount of purchase within the next six months, using this card to buy auto repair parts or pay for repair services above $299 at Firestone will save you a fortune.

It is an excellent retail card choice for anyone with low credit scores. You need to pay $0 annual fee, and you can enjoy the special financing on the qualifying firestone purchases. Therefore, if you feel disinclined to use the account later, you can leave it open and not pay a dime. However, you must also know that the card does not offer any sort of cash back or reward points. It does provide monthly coupons, purchase offers, and deals to all cardholders. It is an excellent chance for all shoppers with low credit scores to get their finances back in order. Car repair and parts replacement are quite regular in the US, and the owners often shoulder the burden of paying significantly large bills. Since Firestone does not require an extensive application or credit history check, you can prequalify for a Firestone credit card with a simple online application. Interestingly, several people with recent bankruptcies have also reported receiving and using the Firestone retail card without any disputes.  

How to make the best of the Firestone card?

If you are looking forward to earning big bucks in terms of the Firestone card, you will be disappointed. The card’s USP is its 0% APR. It does not offer any cashback or reward points, but the regular users report enjoying the occasional free service including free tire rotation with every oil change at Firestone stores. Along with the reports of free services, there are reviews on excellent customer service that guides the buyer towards proper and timely payment of the installments to avoid late fees. Since the 22.8% APR is significantly high for any amount over $299, you need to be cautious about the breakdown of the original price and the added charges, if any. The only way to avoid paying the interest on Firestone purchases you make on the credit card is by paying the amount in full within a stipulated time.

The smartest way to go about this is by setting up your personal payment plan. When you visit the store next to buy tires, covers or for regular maintenance work, you should be able to avail the special financing offer for the cardholders. You may see that this card lacks additional offers and it does not earn any reward points, but it is one of the best for those trying to improve their credit scores. The simplification of payment at Firestone stores can help you boost your credit record over time. You can make multiple purchases within the repayment period, and Firestone will calculate the payment period for each item individually. If you are primarily interested in 0%-interest financing for significantly large auto purchases, you should check out the Firestone retail card.

Who should get the Firestone Credit Card?

Some may argue that there are plenty of better credit cards out in the market, but that is not the reality for most consumers with less than desirable credit scores. If you have a poor FICO score, you will find it extremely challenging to qualify for the most basic credit card with the lowest utility limit in the market. No bank or financial institution is ready to offer credit services to those with poor credit scores. It is a hard world out there for the financially challenged. However, maintenance, repair, and replacement do not take a break. Almost every adult in the US has experienced car troubles when they have no changes to spare. Having a mode of transport can help you get to work, drive to your part-time jobs and take your kids to school. In such situations, it makes a lot of sense for those to sign up for retail cards like the Firestone Credit Card. Even when your credit scores are exceptional, having a 0-annual fee, retail card in your wallet cannot hurt. In fact, you will always remain prepared for automobile emergencies.