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Merseyside Pub Shooting: Who Killed Elle Edwards?


Who Killed Elle Edwards? Officials have taken two suspects into custody in the case of Elle Edwards’ murder. The 26-year old was killed in a Merseyside bar on Christmas Eve.

The news of her death has been widely shared on the internet, attracting the attention of many. Two people have been detained by the police in connection with the case, according to reports.

Do you want to find out more about the events of that day, and how the suspects killed Elle? If so, read the following article to find out all.

Who Killed Elle Edwards?

According to reports, Elle Edwards was a beautician who was shot in the head at Wallasey Village’s Lighthouse. It is saddening that Elle Edwards was killed on Christmas Eve.

One cannot imagine how their lives could be taken on such a day. Elle was reported to have suffered life-threatening injuries. She was taken immediately to the hospital, taking her health into account.

Despite all the best efforts of doctors, she was unable to recover. The police have taken into custody a woman aged 19 and a man aged 30.

They were accused of killing the young woman. According to reports, both the man as well as the woman have been arrested on suspicion of murdering the young woman.

Two are Arrested after Beautician Shot At Lighthouse

The officials don’t know what happened to Elle Edwards or why she was killed on Christmas Eve. Is it possible that the murder was planned by Elle Edwards or was it random? Elle Edwards was not the only one who was injured at the pub.

Police say that one of the victims, a 28 year-old male from Beechwood, Wirral, still needs medical attention.

His health is likely to improve and he may soon recover. The case is still under wraps. We are currently trying to gather all information that can be updated the case.

At the moment, condolences and tributes have been pouring in for all those who witnessed this terrible shooting. Follow chopnews to receive more updates and the most recent news from around the globe. Keep following us

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