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Atkan Chatkan Movie Box Office collection | Hit or Flop


Atkan Chatkan | Hit or Flop:

The film Atkan Chatkan is a Hindi language music comedy-drama thriller movie. This film revolves around Guddu, a chai delivery boy who eventually teams up with three friends and forms a musical band to take part in a musical competition despite the poor background.

Actor Lydian Nadhaswaram plays an important role in this movie.

Box Office Collection of the Film

The film starring Lydian Nadhaswaram, Yash Rane, Sachin Chaudhary, Tamanna Dipak, Ayesha Vindhara, & Tanmay Chaturvedi.

Day 1 Box Office Collection of the movie is expected to more than Rs.2 Crore. This film is expected to earn a good box office collection like 10 crores in a week because of actor Lydian Nadhaswaram is in the lead role that will take the film into a hit movie.

Story of the film

The film revolves around a 13-year-old Guddu who works as a helper at a tea stall. His father, an ex-musician, is a penniless alcoholic, his mother a singer has abandoned the family. He has to take responsibility for his family at a tender age. Music is his passion, and he loves to observe, listen, and create new tunes.

It has been released on 5 September 2020 online due to COVID.

Star Cast of the Film
Lydian Nadhaswaram
Lydian Nadhaswaram is the lead actor. Lydian Nadhaswaram is a young Indian pianist from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

Amitriyaan is also the lead actor. Amitriyaan movies such as Satya 2, etc.

Yash Rane
Yash Rane is also the actor in the film. Yash Rane movies such as Arjun Patiyala, etc.

Tamanna Dipak
Tamanna Dipak is the actress in the film. Tamanna Dipak movies such as Atkan Chatkan, etc.

The Crew of the Film
Shiv Hare (The Director of the film)
Shiv Hare is the film director of this movie in the world. Shiv Hare movies such as Atkan Chatkan, etc.

Vishakha Singh & AR Rahman (Producers of the film)
Vishakha Singh & AR Rahman are
the film producers of this movie in the world. AR Rahman movies such as Dil Bechara, Roja, etc.

Sivamani (The Musician of the film)

Sivamani is the musician of this film. Sivamani movies such as Mersal, etc.

Lydian Nadhaswaram presents a terrific performance in this movie. I would like to share my opinion and request global citizens to assess movie ratings independently.

The movie reviews shared by many people, but those who have watched the full movie have given a positive review on it. The movie is liked by many ones as in terms of the acting done by the actor in the movie is good.

I will give the Lydian Nadhaswaram a significant presence that has been top notch in all his movies by him.

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