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Are Tom And Jerry Best Friends: And Entertainment Story


Are Tom And Jerry Best Friends: Do Tom and Jerry get along? One of the most common questions that practically everyone had as a child has now been answered thanks to a viral post.

Do Tom and Jerry get along? This is a question that has arisen in the minds of everyone who has watched the popular animated series.

For generations, children and adults have been entertained by the storey of a cat and mouse chase and the various adventures that ensue.

The topic of whether Tom and Jerry are best friends has finally been answered, using some rather reasonable assumptions and arguments.

Do Tom and Jerry get along? The age-old question is finally answered.

are tom and jerry best friends

A Reddit thread that answered the topic “Are Tom and Jerry best friends?” became popular not long ago. Strange queries and similarly strange responses are common in Reddit threads; however, this one did not get that treatment. Indeed, the post has been shared numerous times over the last week, making it rather popular.

Did Tom and Jerry get along? According to the post, the answer is yes, they are best friends. According to the reasoning provided in the post, Tom considers Jerry to be a buddy and vice versa.

To protect Jerry, Tom pretends to despise him and chases him in front of his owner, despite the fact that he is a rodent. He does this to make sure his master is aware of his hatred for Jerry so he doesn’t replace him with another cat that will most likely murder or damage Jerry.

This explanation was well-received by fans, who quickly suggested various episodes in which this notion was proven correct. In some episodes, Tom and Jerry appear to be having a nice time as they rest in their own locations and only quarrel when someone is there.

According to one user, an episode did run in which Tom was replaced by another cat. This episode adds to the theory by proving that the other person really does wish to kill Jerry.

However, Tom and Jerry work together to get the mechanical cat out of the house, and Tom is able to return. Tom thanked Jerry near the end of the episode, and the two pals exchanged smiles before returning to their typical tantrums and chases.

Since then, the Reddit thread has received a slew of comments from admirers claiming the two were never adversaries but rather best friends.

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