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Antaeus Wards 2021



Antaeus wards : The outrage over Destiny 2’s Antaeus Wards exotic reached a fever pitch yesterday.

Clan Redeem pretended to identify a high-damage, immortality glitch with Antaeus Wards, replete with doctored “test” footage

Antaeus Wards in Destiny 2 should benerfed for the sake of everyone’s sanity

antaeus wards

Clan Redeem is known for finding exploits or glitches with exotics, which leads to them being removed.

Apart from kicking up a five-alarm fire at Bungie for a few hours on a Sunday, the questionable joke does, without a doubt, raise the issue that, yes, it’s probably time to deal with Antaeus Wards for real at this point.

Antaeus Wards were an exotic in the Forsaken era that went unnoticed until recently, when the way the Titan boots reflect damage was changed.

They appeared to be a novelty when they were initially introduced. A super, a tank shell, or a rocket may be reflected by a correctly timed slide.

However, due to a recent patch that improved Antaeus Wards’ ability to reflect conventional gun damage, we now have armies of perma-sliding Titans who reflect shotgun and fusion rifle blasts directly back at the user, as well as follow up with one of their own for immediate, often inevitable deaths.

In actuality, this is a nightmare to play against in the Crucible, especially now that Trials of Osiris is out, and shotgun duels are typically the order of the day on its small, compact maps.

There’s not much you can do against Antaeus Wards except keep adversaries as far away as possible, which isn’t always viable with shotgun aping.

If you’re running a Titan in high-level PvP content, Antaeus is almost always required, and the problem with a class-specific exotic being overpowering is that it’s not like a weapon, and the other classes are at a noticeable disadvantage. Hard Light was bad when it was fully broken, but at least it could be used by anyone and countered by other Hard Lights. Only Titans, however, have access to Antaeus as a result of this.

Another issue is how horrible everything feels in general. With its regen, overshield, damage boost, and wallhacks, One-Eyed Mask was a major issue in Crucible for a long time. Antaeus, on the other hand, feels different because it essentially amplifies the current Bad Thing in Destiny, which is that your shotgun bullets often don’t hit.

Antaeus now replicates that effect on purpose, but at the cost of causing you harm and exposing you to being insta-killed by the user.

Sliding has long been a PvP mobility skill that distinguishes a competent player from a bad one, as it confuses opponents and causes auto-aim to malfunction.

Shotgun sliding has existed long before Antaeus, but with the addition of damage-reflect/immunity, it has become tremendously worse.

Antaeus was never designed to work like way, in my opinion. I believe it was intended to be more of a gimmick exotic, reflecting supers or rockets on rare occasions when the timing was exactly right.

I don’t believe it was intended for all shotgun/fusion bouts versus other classes to be fully one-sided, as is the case currently.

For the most part, we’re in the uncommon scenario of the community joining together to agree on a nerf, which virtually never happens.

I’m not sure whether we’ll see one before the season ends in a month, but I’d be surprised if nothing was changed about Antaeus for the following season, even if it can’t one-shot Riven through Synthoceps switching.


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