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Anita Pointer Died: Pointer Sisters Founding Member & Singer Dies Aged 74


Anita Pointer died: A member of the Pointers Sisters, has died at the age 74. Her family says she died 31 December 2022. She passed away peacefully, surrounded by her loved ones and family.

Her sister Ruth Pointer, her brothers Aaron and Fritz Pointer, as well as her granddaughter Roxie Mckain Pointer were her survivors.

After Jada, her only child, died in 2003, she was raising Roxie Mckain Pointer, her first grandchild.

She did so with passion and joy. We will discuss other topics, including the cause of her passing, in this article.

How Anita Pointer died?

Anita Pointer Died

According to exclusive reports, she had been suffering from cancer for a while and was finally surrounded by her family at her Los Angeles home at the time she died.

Nael Said her death was caused by cancer. Her daughter, who also died from pancreatic cancer in 2003, was also affected.

The Points Sisters begin their acting and singing careers with Richard Pryor in the 1976 movie Car Wash.

They collaborated with Richard Perry, a music producer, and changed their style with singles such as Fire.

She was unable to fight cancer due to her age and weakness.

Who was Anita Pointer?

Born in Oakland, California on 23 January 1948, she was raised by her sisters and sang in the father’s church.

She sang alto sax in the McRae High School band during the tenth grades. She left her job as a secretary to create the POINTER ISTERS with Bonnie, June, & Ruth in 1969.

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