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Andre Hernandez: SAPD Officer Would Not Be Charged Over Teen’s Death


The murder mystery of 13-year-old Andre Hernandez has become the talk of the town, ever since its bizarre twist was revealed on Thursday, 16th February 2023.

With thousands left stunned and reactions spreading on social networking sites at an unprecedented rate – no one had ever imagined this to occur! Below you can explore all the pertinent information you need to know.

On Thursday, according to exclusive reports or sources, a jury declined to indict San Antonio police officer Stephen Ramos for the fatal shooting of Andre Hernandez. Despite having all video evidence in their possession, authorities took such an unexpected decision which left everyone stunned. As such, ever since the case was reopened with this outcome there has been an upsurge in reactions among those familiar with it; particularly among those who know everything about it.

What Happened to Andre Hernandez?

On June 02nd 2022, Andre Hernandez tragically shot himself at his residence; police reported an officer of San Antonio had been involved. Subsequently, investigations began as his family demanded action be taken against him so that his exploit could not go unpunished.

But after 7 months of investigation and with some surprise, the case was overtned – though further time will now have to pass before any consequences can be determined.

Here, we have included information derived from other reliable sources; further details will take time to emerge, so please be patient and when something does become available we will ensure you’re well informed. Our team is working hard to obtain this data so that those interested in becoming informed can stay up to date.

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