Home Business Amazon Prime subscribers get GrubHub Plus free For a Year

Amazon Prime subscribers get GrubHub Plus free For a Year


Amazon Prime subscribers get GrubHub Plus free for a year: The company has announced that US customers of Amazon Prime will receive a new perk as part of their subscription.

Grubhub Plus, the monthly membership service that provides free food delivery on orders above $12 from partner restaurants, will now be redeemable for a free year. Typically, Grubhub Plus costs $9.99 per month.

The free delivery subscription costs $9.99 a month

Amazon Prime subscribers get GrubHub Plus free For a Year

According to Amazon, there are hundreds of thousands of restaurants offering free delivery as part of Grubhub Plus in more than 4,000 US cities.

Grubhub will automatically begin charging $9.99 per month for continuous access when the year is out. The deal is still available to current Grubhub Plus members and will take effect at the beginning of their subsequent billing cycle.

Grubhub Plus is also immediately cancelled when Prime is.

The agreement was reached not long after Amazon closed down Amazon Restaurants, an initiative it had taken to enter the takeout delivery sector. While the business was active between 2015 and 2019, it was up against fierce rivals like DoorDash and Uber Eats.

Since that time, the e-commerce behemoth has primarily concentrated on grocery deliveries while maintaining a toe in the takeout delivery industry through partnerships with other companies.

It started providing access to its Deliveroo Plus subscription service as an added benefit for Prime members in the UK last year and announced an investment in Europe-focused Deliveroo in 2019.

In the acquisition announced today, Amazon will acquire a 2-percent investment in Grubhub, with the potential for growth to 15-percent in the future.

According to Grubhub CEO Adam DeWitt, “Amazon has revolutionized convenience with Prime and we’re optimistic that this service will introduce many new customers to the value of Grubhub Plus while driving more business to our restaurant partners and drivers.” The business, which is owned by Just Eat Takeaway.com, asserts that it anticipates a growth in Grubhub Plus memberships as a result of the agreement.

Amazon is launching a number of new benefits for Prime members in addition to GrubHub Plus today.

A brief teaser trailer for the e-commerce behemoth’s upcoming Lord of the Rings TV series, Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, will also be made available for 48 hours just to Prime members.

The teaser is available to members on the show’s Amazon website. Before the series is released on September 2nd, a further teaser will be released on July 14th, according to the trailer’s ending.

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