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Understand why Amazon Advertising is chosen by users over Facebook


In today’s world, digitisation is slowly taking over all types of market places and actively controlling the buyer behaviour with the help of artificial intelligence. This is one of the main reasons why it has become more difficult for users now, to beat the increasing competition in the market and stand strong. For the same reason to survive the competition, the dependency on effective advertising and marketing is very high. Initially, when Facebook ads were introduced, it was considered to be a great breakthrough to reach out to a larger target audience and effectively increase the conversion rates for the businesses. However, now, Amazon advertising strategies are taking over the entire world and successfully paving its way to become a global sensation. This, paired with poor performance of Facebook ads around the same time, further pushed the users to look at other alternatives and Amazon advertising was the top choice. For a thorough guidance on amazon advertising, click here.

To understand this better, let us discuss some key factors that convinced users to choose Amazon advertising over Facebook today. 

Key Contributing Factors

Consumer Behaviour Measurement

The effectiveness of an advertisement depends on the relatability or requirements of the target audience. With the help of amazon advertising, you can choose the right content as a user to target the most viable product to the target audience on the basis of their past buying behaviour and search pattern. This is possible as amazon can grab the consumer behaviour with the help of active internet tracking, thus resulting in better advertisement planning and execution on amazon. 

Better Visibility

Out of all the Amazon marketing strategies available today, Amazon pay per click advertisements are taking over the current product markets. The main purpose of this Amazon advertising strategy is to increase the product visibility of the users by effectively presenting the right and required product information in the form advertisements for different devices. Along with this, additionally, Amazon advertising strategy of using pay per click advertisements further opens up a whole new variety of ad styles to adopt to target the potential product leads. 

Native Advertising Technique

Another distinguishable feature that is available in Amazon advertising and not in Facebook ads is the ability of Amazon to customise paid advertisements in such a manner that they look in sync with the other products on the page. For instance, every time a customer searches for a product by its name, the sponsored/paid advertisements are also on the list but do not intrude with the page format. This is possible due to the seamless integration that is offered by Amazon advertising. Moreover, this further reduces the potential worry or anxiety amongst the customers of clicking a paid advertisement and ending up on an unexpected sales pitch product landing page. 

Multi-Stage Targeting

One of the best features of Amazon advertising because of which most users prefer it over Facebook ads today is the multistage targeting option. The exact meaning of multistage targeting is, no matter the goal in question, you can easily adapt and target the audience accordingly. In simpler words, whether you want to increase your brand or product awareness, improve the overall product marketing for sales, or encourage re-purchasing from existing customers, you can do it with Amazon advertising. This is possible as Amazon is capable of influencing every step of the purchase journey of a potential buyer to meet user goals and targets. 

Trust and Dependency

Lastly, even though Facebook is popular globally, it is still limited to being a platform for social interactions and not for business transactions and product promotions. On the other hand, Amazon, being the market leader in online retail, is the chosen platform for the majority of the world’s population today. This is why users have increased trust, comfort and dependency on Amazon advertising as a post to Facebook ads because the chances of increased sales, customer interactions as well as conversion rates is guaranteed with Amazon strategies.

Overall, to conclude, as opposed to Facebook ads, Amazon advertising has become an ideal option for almost all users as each has a strong product in hand and are limited to a certain amount of budget. This is all you need to use amazon advertising successfully to turn your potentials to revenue generating leads. There is no one cost as you can customise the ads on Amazon according to your product style and requirements, keeping in mind your consumer behaviour and buying patterns of your target audience. Additionally, you can also improve your product ranking which increases your return on investment simultaneously, all with smart amazon advertising options available for you to explore.

There is no substantial evidence to support the bad performance of Facebook ads for users. However, there is sufficient proof to highlight the increased user effectiveness and product sales so the users, all because of Amazon advertising. Thus, the majority of the users or sellers on Amazon today are opting for Amazon advertising strategies over Facebook advertisements.


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