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Two Students Killed in a Des Moines School Shooting: The Tragic Story

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Two Students Killed in a Des Moines School Shooting: On Monday, January 23, 2023, two students aged 18 and 16 were fatally shot at Starts Right Here charter school in Des Moines, Iowa, which offers education and mentoring to at-risk youth. William Holmes was seriously wounded as well. Preston Walls, 18, was later charged with murder and gang participation after police suspected that this shooting may have stemmed from an ongoing dispute between Walls and one or both victims belonging to rival gangs – such as rival gangs that belonged to each side – being involved.

des moines shooting
des moines shooting

The Shooting

At 12:53 p.m., just before school was to dismiss for the day, two students and Holmes attempted to intervene when Walls opened fire on them with approximately 20 shots from his gun he brought into school armed with. Police believe Walls removed himself from court-ordered GPS ankle monitor 16 minutes prior to entering with his firearm armed. Walls then opened fire upon two more students before firing back upon Holmes for intervening.

At first, all four victims were transported to nearby hospitals where they were declared deceased. Holmes is also an R&B hip hop artist known by his stage name of Will Keeps; as of Monday night he remained critically injured; police estimate he will likely survive.

About 20 minutes after the shooting at school, police stopped and took into custody Walls along with two others in a vehicle two miles away, which contained an identical gun to that used during the incident. They claim they recovered it in that vehicle.

The Motive

Police claimed the shooting was not random but rather targeted and motivated by an ongoing gang dispute between Walls and both deceased victims of different gangs who have long been at war with one another; unfortunately they would not disclose their identities nor discuss further the details of this clash.

Police stated they are still conducting their investigation to ascertain if Walls was involved in any part of the shooting or had prior knowledge about it, as well as any accomplices or witnesses present during it.

The School

The School Right Here (TSRH) is a nonprofit charter school operated by Des Moines Public Schools that was established by Holmes with the mission of helping at-risk youth overcome challenges like poverty, violence, trauma and addiction. TSRH offers academic support, life skills training, mentoring services and counseling sessions as well as career guidance to students who have either dropped out or are at risk of leaving traditional schools.

This school enjoys strong ties with Des Moines Police Department officers who serve as mentors and instructors for students at this campus. Furthermore, collaboration is fostered among local churches, businesses and social service agencies.

The school currently enrolls more than 100 students ranging in ages 14-21 and operates Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm with flexible schedules to meet work or family obligations.

The Reaction

The shooting sent shockwaves through Des Moines, particularly for those who knew and worked with Holmes as well as students. Holmes is widely respected and admired for his work with Starts Right Here as well as his music career – his songs and videos promote positive messages and social change.

Frank Cownie issued the following statement in Des Moines, Iowa: “We extend our heartfelt condolences to everyone impacted by today’s senseless act of violence at Starts Right Here. Will Holmes has been an incredible partner to our city as he works tirelessly with young people in our community to overcome challenges and reach success.

Des Moines Public Schools interim Superintendent Matt Smith issued the following statement in regards to this incident: “While we await further details, our thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones. Starts Right Here has been an integral partner to DMPS in terms of helping re-engage students, so we stand by as a support system during this trying time.

Mike Beranek, president of the Iowa State Education Association issued a statement imploring elected leaders to explore effective strategies to end gun violence and work on solutions to ensure schools become bastions of safety instead of targets of violence. We as a nation must acknowledge this problem is permeating schools.

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