Home News Wisconsin Shooting: Who are Hunter Scheel and Emily Breidenbach?

Wisconsin Shooting: Who are Hunter Scheel and Emily Breidenbach?


Recently, shocking news broke on the internet about two Wisconsin police officers being shot and killed during a traffic check northwest of Cameron on Saturday afternoon.

Since this tragic event was shared online, people have been deeply saddened and shocked.

Now people are searching for more details about the incident on the web; here we provide more details for your reading pleasure in this article.

Families of the slain Cheteks and Cameroonian police officials hail them as heroes.

They were shot and killed while conducting a traffic check as Emily Breidenbach and Hunter Scheel, but both officers received heroic praise for their dedication, amazing skills, compassion for those they worked in, as well as videos showing off how well-mannered they were when dealing with people – particularly children – in both instances.

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Wisconsin Shooting

wisconsin shooting

On April 8th 2023, two police officers tragically lost their lives while performing their duties. According to the Wisconsin Department of Justice, a suspect also passed away while being investigated.

One community member commented on a post featuring images of both officers side by side along with their badge numbers.

Their sudden passing left many in shock and pain as no one had expected such an untimely end. Currently, all Wisconsin police officers are mourning their passing – scroll down for more details about this tragic news.

Breidenbach spent four years as both a Chetek officer and Stoughton policeman, according to her LinkedIn profile.

She worked in asset protection at Cabela’s and Kohl’s stores in Green Bay and Madison while holding various positions.

Following graduation from Northcentral Technical College and UW Green Bay, there are many pictures of Breidenbach engaged in charitable activities like reading to children at the Chetek Police Department.

Since news of their passing spread online, many people have expressed their sorrow and expressed condolences to their families.