Home News Alex Maina Ochogo trial update: Inmate complains of bedbug infestation in prison

Alex Maina Ochogo trial update: Inmate complains of bedbug infestation in prison


Alex Maina Ochogo trial update: The main suspect in the Baby Sagini case Alex Maina Ochogo was held in the prison from December. He was afflicted with bedbugs and lice while in prison.

Let’s learn more details about Alex Maina Ochogo’s trial updates in depth.

Alex Maina Ochogo trial update

Alex Maina Ochogo trial update

The main suspect along with his co-accused were arraigned before the court regarding an incident wherein baby Junior Sagini’s eye was squished out.

Suspects who are believed to be accountable for the slashing of the eyes of Sagini’s infant are being detained by police.

Along with Sagini’s great-grandma Pacificah Nyakerario and aunt Rael Mayaka The accused Alex Maina Ochogo was charged.

Ochogo as well as the other suspects were in court with the Senior Resident Magistrate Christine Ogweno at the Kisii court.

The principal suspect pleaded with the court to release the suspect so that he can stay in Kisii prison’s quarters that are infested with lice and bedbugs.

Prisoner complains of bedbug problem

The Mr. Morara also voiced his displeasure at the idea that users using social networks were infringing the privacy of the infant Sagini by publishing personal information about his condition.

He cited a tweet by famous activist Esnahs Nyaramba, situated in Kisii as an illustration.

Mr. Morara says that activist’s wrote her a letter saying that she’d abandoned her efforts to aid the baby Sagini be treated fairly due to her “frustrations.”

“Your honor One of the minors who is the important witnesses is going through a variety of procedures that include counseling and aiding in recovery following the devastating incident.

In all, the two minors receive psychological assistance from trained staff. We believe that the court will allow additional time to other witnesses to attend the court proceedings,” Mr. Morara declared.

Court affirms privacy

Mr. Morara stated that the children’s problems are covered by numerous social media users who are denying the privacy of the children.

“The judge reiterates the need and importance of protecting the privacy of minors… Media and all social media users are asked to refrain from covering the privacy of minors. The next pretrial is scheduled for March 2, this year.” Ms Ogweno stated.

Baby Sagini was found abandoned in a farm of maize on the 14th of December last year, with his eyes cut out.

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