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Top 5 Restaurant in London to Eat Yummy French Food


Top 5 Restaurant in London to Eat Yummy French Food: London is basically and mainly known for its great and yummy international cuisine, with the lovely entire corners of the city dedicated up to the specific countries’ and the national dishes. But up with French fare there’s actually no one area to go to: restaurants can also be the found all over. Here are the London’s finest and great French restaurants.

Top 5 Restaurant in London to Eat Yummy French Food

1. Les Trois Garçons

With the great chandeliers almost touching up the table-tops, the vintage handbags actually hanging up from the top ceiling and the stuffed animals mainly wearing up the costume jewellery’s that too peeking out from the every corner, The Les Trois Garçons in the trendy Shoreditch ehich actually attracts up the diners for both of its food and its decor. The main menu is actually written up in French Language with the English translations and it actually offers up elegant, really tasty dishes such as the green asparagus with the bresaola in a a tasty tomato and a herb vinaigrette, the fillet of the beef actually served on a bed of the spinach with a actual Bordelaise sauce and a great selection of fine cheeses.

2. La Petite Auberge

To experience up the real fine dining at the great and ordinary prices, French food fans will actually struggle up a lot to find a better restaurant than the  La Petite Auberge. With a  actual name having up the meaning ‘The Little Inn’, this restaurant actually exudes up the homeliness with its rustic French bistro feel. The Red chequered tablecloths, the wooden beams and yeah the bare brickwork of the transport visitors up from the bustle of the Upper Street down to a simple yet welcoming tavern in the only French countryside. Enjoy up the range of  a la carte options or go up for the three-course of the set menu, which mainly offers up the abundant flavour of great combinations.

3. Elena’s L’Etoile

Opened up since the year 1896, the Elena’s L’Etoile in fashionable Fitzrovia hasn’t lost an ounce of its actual beautiful and glamorous charm. The walls are actually adorned up with the old framed photographs of the famous and popular celebrities who have actually dined in the fine and great French restaurant over the recent years. Choose up between the two-course or the three-course the set menu and the sample simple, and yeah the classic French cooking at its great and absolute best..

4. La Poule au Pot

Offering up the al fresco dining options in the hot summer and in the cosy indoor seating in the cool cool winter, The La Poule au Pot is a great and beautiful all-year-round destination to sample up the fine, the actual French cuisine is in a great and  comfortable and the inviting atmosphere. The 1960s designed up decor, the tasty aroma of the freshly and tasty baked up bread and the soft lighting which welcome up guests into this actual Belgravia establishment. The food is very indulgent, the hearty French and tasty cooking, the perfect for a treat or the celebratory meal. The menu changes up regularly but expect up the classics such as the coq au vin and actually brush up on your French as the actual and the main menu is actually written up solely in the great restaurant’s of the mother tongue. Fixed price of the set menus are actually available whole daily up at the lunchtime.

5. Café du Marché

Being Opened up for both lunch and dinner, this actual quaint up restaurant that too tucked away in the heart of the Smithfield which is said to be serve as the best cote de boeuf around. Café du Marché which actually offers up the fixed price of the two and the three-course of the menus, as well as the a la carte menu with the array of the soups, the salads and the terrine for the starter; the guinea fowl, the great salt beef and the calves’ liver for the main; and the cheese, the tarts and the sorbets for great and tasty dessert. Actually, go on a Friday night to sit up back in a  great cushioned wicker up chair, the sip decanted up wine and silently listen up to the jazz pianist that too playing  up softly against a bare pf the brick wall backdrop.

Ending up with the top and yummy French restaurants, hope to see you again on our platform, with lots of more interesting articles. Stay Tuned.