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Who Is Meek Mill? American Rapper’s Phone was Stolen on Ghana Trip


Meek Mill is a rapper and singer. Meek Mill is currently in the news because of a tragic accident that took place to him. Meek Mill, an American hip-hop artist, lost his phone while he was visiting ghana. He was informed about the theft and filed a police complaint.

Police began an investigation after the complaint was filed. According to the report, his phone was taken at an event he attended last Thursday. This article will tell you all about Meek Mill’s whole incident.

Who is Meek Mill?

Meek Mill is a popular American rapper and is currently in the news. Robert Rihmeek Williams is his real name and the 35-year-old rapper was born in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 6th May 1987.

He began his career as a Battle Rapper, where he met many other people who shared the same passion for rapping. He formed a group with them, and called it Bloodhoundz.

The group was short-lived and didn’t last long. However, T.I., a popular Atlanta rapper, revived the group in 2008. Meek Mill signed his first record deal.

American Rapper’s Phone was Stolen on Ghana Trip

Meek traveled to Ghana to participate in the Afro Nation Festival 2022 on 29 December 2022. Meek’s journey to the performance site was difficult and his family was eagerly awaiting him.

We can see that he struggled to get out of the crowd to climb over the gate into arena. He was also riding a dirtbike.

He revealed that he had been robbed and that his phone was stolen after he reached the podium. He later asked the robber for his phone back via an Instagram post.

Meek tweeted that his phone had been stolen and that he could have dropped it on a dirtbike. “I don’t know for certain who took my phone!” It was returned to me, that was all I needed.

I don’t need anyone locked up for a cell phone… I don’t even know what happened.

The suspect was arrested after police began searching his phone. The police have taken the suspect into custody. According to police, Ababaawa was discovered in Accra’s hideout with Meek Mill’s cellphone on Friday 30 December 2022.

Ababaawa is now in police custody. He will be subject to the appropriate legal procedures. Stay connected to chopnews.com for more updates and news.

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