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Adopting Audrey : Trailer, Cast, Plot, Release date & Review


A little Oregon town family adopts Audrey in the film Adopting Audrey. The movie shows how she grows up and learns to live with them.
Audrey grows up. However, she struggles with the responsibilities that come with being part of this new family unit.

Her teacher’s mother is very upset that her daughter was given up for adoption. Her new family helps her deal with what’s going on.

Here in this article, we have discussed Into the Deep movie, trailer, plot, cast, release date, and review.

Adopting Audrey plot

The plot of the upcoming film Adopting Audrey consists of a story about a misanthropic patriarch who adopts a young girl.

The film was previously known as Porcupine and is directed by M. Cahill. This is a late follow-up to M. Cahill’s 2007 directorial debut, King of California, which starred Michael Douglas and Evan Rachel Wood.

The film will also feature Emily Kuroda, Will Rogers, Brooke Bloom, and Robert Hunger-Buhler.

The movie’s plot revolves around a restless young lady who puts herself up for adoption. Eventually, Audrey becomes a part of her new family, forging an unlikely bond with the patriarch.

The movie will release on DVD and VOD in late August. It will be released in select US theatres and on VOD on August 26th. The film has a trailer.

Audrey Adoption

Adopting Audrey, a romance drama based on a true tale, has a new teaser online. The August 26th release stars Jena Malone as the heroine.

It previously went by the title Porcupine and is directed by M. Cahill. The film also stars Emily Kuroda, Will Rogers, and Brooke Bloom. It opens in select US cinemas and on VOD on August 26.

The story follows Audrey Bishop, the adopted teenage daughter of a single mother and police chief.

She has been fired six times in the past two years, relying on YouTube for company. After learning about the adult adoption process, Audrey decides to try her luck. When she meets her adoptive parents, they are a dysfunctional family.

Audrey quickly bonds with the patriarch Otto, who is misanthropic and has a complicated past.

Adopting Audrey’s release date

On July 20, Vertical Entertainment released a teaser trailer for the upcoming film Adopting Audrey.

The comedy/drama focuses on a fully grown woman who decides to give herself up for adoption. On August 26, certain cinemas and VOD will show the film.

The trailer shows the title character as unsatisfactory at her job and unsociable.

The movie is directed by M. Cahill, who also directed 2007’s King of California, which starred Michael Douglas and Evan Rachel Wood.

The film explores a young woman’s affection for an older guy. The director also serves as an executive producer.

The film’s cast also includes Emily Kuroda, Will Rogers, Robert Hunger-Buhler, Brooke Bloom, and others.

Adopting Audrey trailer

The new trailer for the film Adopting Audrey has been released by Vertical Entertainment.

Based on a true story, this comedy-drama stars Jena Malone (The Hunger Games).

In 2021, the film premiered at Woodstock Film Festival and earned multiple awards – including the Jury Award for Excellence in Storytelling. Now set for release in select theaters on August 26, the movie can be seen in select cities.

The trailer for the film shows off the talented cast. The cast includes Emily Kuroda from Gilmore Girls, Will Rogers, and Robert Hunger-Buhler, and Brooke Bloom from the acclaimed I Know What You Did Last Summer series.

Adopting Audrey has a unique trailer, which is worth a watch if you enjoy quirky dramas.

This film will surely give you a good laugh. If you love dramas about unbreakable bonds, you’ll enjoy this film.

Adopting Audrey review

In this Adopting Audrey review, we’ll talk about a young girl who puts herself up for adoption. The plot involves a young millennial, Audrey, who has no perspective and makes a surprisingly strong bond with the patriarch.

It’s an unlikely relationship but one full of fun and learning. Audrey and the patriarch’s relationship proves to be a highlight of the film.

In this moving story, a young teen named Audrey is destined to be adopted by a loving adoptive family.

Her birth mother, Amanda, had chosen Laura as her adoptive mom, but Audrey is unsure of her decision.

Audrey worries she made the wrong choice and attempts to make the best option for herself and her kid.

Audrey’s unplanned pregnancy forces her to face many emotions and reevaluate her life.