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Aaron Rodgers Shailene Woodley: After her fiancé Aaron Rodgers


Aaron Rodgers Shailene Woodley: After her fiancé Aaron Rodgers admitted he was unvaccinated, Shailene Woodley slammed news outlets for “disparaging” him.

On Tuesday, the actress, 29, debunked a report that claimed Rodgers went out in Los Angeles after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

You’ve got to calm the f—- down. This is just hilarious. News organizations are still grabbing at straws to discredit Aaron. Finding random dudes on LA’s streets and claiming to be him, “Along with the claimed photographs, Woodley posted on her Instagram Stories.

Aaron’s body is very familiar to me. First and foremost, his feet are a LOT bigger. No insult to this rando dude. For those of us who know Aaron outside of the worlds of obsessive sports and s—media, it’s no secret that he has the hairiest hands on the earth. This oblivious knucklehead. Clearly, it does not (zoom in if you want to see for yourself), “she went on.

Aaron Rodgers shailene woodley

Woodley’s recent remarks on Rodgers, 37, follow her weekend rebuttal to reports about her prior Instagram Story and criticism of the media.

“I just read somewhere that in the midst of the ‘chaos,’ I erased an Instagram story. (of all things, an astrology post) (not cryptic at all, you dummies). Do you even have a basic understanding of how stories function, brah?

They remove themselves after 24 hours. I’m literally giggling at your determination to create a story out of thin air. My dears, I’m clutching at straws, “she penned (Woodley has yet to reveal whether or if she has been vaccinated against COVID.)

Rodgers made news last week after testing positive for COVID-19 and confirming that he had not been vaccinated. Rodgers was unable to play in the Packers’ 13-7 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday due to the league’s COVID procedures. He is still listed as a reserve/COVID-19 player in the league.

The NFL player stated he “didn’t lie” when he told the media in August that he was “immunized” during an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show last Friday.

Rodgers also informed McAfee last Friday that he was allergic to a chemical in the mRNA vaccinations (Pfizer and Moderna) and that he didn’t want to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because “I had heard of several persons who had experienced adverse occurrences around obtaining the J&J,” he claimed.

During the interview, the athlete admitted to using ivermectin, a parasite treatment or prevention medicine for animals. The medicine has not been approved or authorized by the FDA for use in treating or preventing COVID-19, and persons who have taken it have been hospitalized.

The relationship between Rodgers and Woodley was made public earlier this year. Shortly after, during the virtual NFL Honors broadcast on Feb. 6, the athlete made the surprising revelation of their engagement.

During an interview on The Tonight Show, Starring Jimmy Fallon in late February, Woodley announced the couple’s engagement, playfully telling the late-night host that she never imagined she’d grow up to marry someone who “throws balls for a job.”

Then, in March, the reigning NFL MVP extolled the virtues of his relationship with Woodley. He added at the time, “I’m recently engaged, so I’ve been enjoying that aspect of my life.” “That is, without a doubt, the best thing that has happened to me in the last year.”

Woodley was working on separate projects

“Because she has a hectic work schedule, [my decision] occurred at an opportune moment for both of us to be able to focus on our tasks. It’ll be beneficial, in my opinion,”‘ I told the outlet,’ he said. “Her business was closed for an entire year, and she had a number of initiatives lined up. She appreciates her employment and her own schedule, which I understand she enjoys as well.

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