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A Night at the Roxbury Cast: Meet the Hilarious Brothers and Their Supporting Characters



A Night at the Roxbury Cast: The 1998 comedy “A Night at the Roxbury” recounts the amusing misadventures of two brothers, Steve and Doug Butabi, as they attempt to fulfill their goals by entering the exclusive and opulent Roxbury nightclub. Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan play the two brothers in the John Fortenberry-directed movie.

A Night at the Roxbury Cast

In addition to the main ensemble, “A Night at the Roxbury” has a strong supporting cast of actors that use their comedic skills to animate the movie. Let’s examine the major cast and their characters in more detail.

Steve Butabi, played by Will Ferrell

One of the Butabi brothers, Steve is depicted as being the more self-assured and outgoing of the two. He is frequently seen as the group’s leader and is the one who devises the majority of their plans to seduce women and gain entry to upscale nightclubs. Ferrell’s performance of Steve, complete with his exaggerated facial emotions and physical humor, is a comic masterclass. He creates a charming and unforgettable figure by expertly capturing the character’s zeal and naivete.

Doug Butabi, played by Chris Kattan

The second Butabi brother, Doug, is presented as being the more reserved and sensitive of the two. He frequently assumes the role of the follower and is prepared to support Steve’s plans even if he doesn’t quite buy into them. The way Doug is portrayed by Kattan, with his distinctive head-bobbling dance moves and charming awkwardness, is also terrific. He gives the role a youthful innocence that makes him both accessible and humorous.

Emily Sanderson, played by Molly Shannon

Steve’s romantic interest Emily frequents the Roxbury nightclub on a regular basis. She is described as a quirky, eccentric character who enjoys all things floral and has a fondness for peculiar dancing steps. Shannon accurately captures Emily in the role, and her outrageous performance gives the movie a special vitality.

Richard Grieco, played by himself

In the movie, Richard Grieco, a real-life actor, portrays a fictionalized version of himself. The Butabi brothers look up to him since he frequents the Roxbury nightclub and is a star. Grieco portrays himself as conceited and self-absorbed, which is a hilarious take on celebrity society. He contributes numerous hilarious scenes to the movie, especially the one where he teaches the Butabi brothers how to pronounce his name.

Mr. Zadir, played by Chazz Palminteri

The Roxbury nightclub’s proprietor, Mr. Zadir, is shown as a severe and responsible businessman. He frequently disagrees with the Butabi brothers since he considers them to be a bother. With his deadpan voice and dry sense of humor, Palminteri does a fantastic job of bringing Mr. Zadir to life in this break from his regular tough-guy roles.

Other notable members of the supporting cast include Colin Quinn as the proprietor of a competing club, Michael Clarke Duncan as a bouncer, and Jennifer Coolidge as a gold-digging clubgoer.

Finally, “A Night at the Roxbury” features a talented ensemble of comedians, with the Butabi brothers played by Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan being particularly noteworthy. The supporting cast is equally as strong, and each performer brings a distinctive sense of humor to the picture. Everyone will enjoy “A Night at the Roxbury,” whether they enjoy physical humor, clever one-liners, or clumsy dance moves. follow our news website: ChopNews