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9 Best Places to Visit in Kolkata


India’s cultural capital, Kolkata, is a city rich in culture, history, and vivacious appeal with its architecture from the colonial era, busy marketplaces, and rich cultural legacy. If you’re thinking of visiting the city, it’s a really nice plan because it provides a wide range of intriguing locations to discover. Every tourist will find something to fascinate them in this city, from famous sites to tranquil shrines. But before you set out, don’t forget to book a room in Kolkata Hyatt Regency to enjoy your travel. Let’s take a tour of Kolkata’s best tourist attractions.

Victoria Memorial

The Victoria Memorial, which honours Queen Victoria and serves as a reminder of the city’s colonial heritage, is a well-known landmark in Kolkata. This magnificent architectural marvel skilfully blends British and Mughal elements to produce a mesmerising picture. The memorial, which is made of spotless white marble, emanates majesty and elegance. It provides a peaceful and beautiful retreat from the busy city because it is surrounded by large gardens.   Visitors may fully immerse themselves in Kolkata’s historical importance by visiting the Victoria Memorial. It gives you a look at the city’s colonial past and serves as a reminder of the rich history of the area and the impact of the British Empire. One may view a sizeable collection of relics, paintings, as well as sculptures that portray many facets of British rule in India as they wander the memorial’s halls and galleries.

Howrah Bridge

A landmark building in Kolkata, the Howrah Bridge, serves as a representation of the character of the city. This amazing feat of engineering, which spans the Hooghly River, is celebrated for both its aesthetic beauty and practical use. Being among the biggest bridges in the world, it hums constantly with activity, reflecting Kolkata’s vivacity. The Howrah Bridge crossing is a singular experience. With boats as well as ferries crisscrossing the Hooghly River, it offers a distinctive vantage point to see the busy river activity. The bridge connects the thriving city of Kolkata to its twin city, Howrah, acting as a lifeline. People that are walking over the bridge blend into the vibrant tapestry of daily life as they take in the vigour and vitality of their surroundings.

Indian Museum

History and culture buffs will find a wealth of information at an Indian Museum in Kolkata. It takes pride in holding the title of being India’s oldest and biggest museum, having been founded in 1814. A great collection of artwork, antiquities, and archaeological marvels are housed in the museum’s spacious halls and galleries, providing a fascinating tour through the nation’s rich cultural legacy. Entering the Indian Museum is like entering a time machine. The displays feature a wide variety of items, such as historic sculptures, delicate fabrics, beautiful paintings, as well as rare manuscripts. Each piece of the item reveals a distinct facet of India’s history, customs, and aesthetic accomplishments.

Dakshineswar Kali Temple

As a cherished Hindu pilgrimage site, Dakshineswar Kali Temple, located on the Hooghly River’s eastern bank, is of great religious significance. It is devoted to the goddess Kali and draws followers from all around the world. With its elaborate spires and ornaments, the temple’s exquisite construction beautifully displays Kolkata’s rich cultural legacy. Visitors are welcomed into the temple grounds by a calm and spiritual atmosphere. The aroma of incense fills the air, as well as the sound of religious chanting permeates the space. The vivid colours, detailed carvings, and magnificent artwork that cover the temple’s courtyards as well as shrines add to the otherworldly atmosphere.

Marble Palace

A charming location that provides a look into Kolkata’s illustrious past is The Marble Palace. This lavish palace was built in the 19th century by a wealthy Bengali trader and is now a museum housing an amazing collection of artwork, sculptures, and antique furniture. The Marble Palace’s grand interiors, which are embellished with elaborate marble sculptures, crystal chandeliers, and decorative mirrors, welcome you as soon as you enter. The lavishness as well as attention to detail are evidence of the wealth and style of Kolkata’s elite at that time.

Science City

For individuals with an inquisitive mind and a passion for science, Kolkata’s Science City is a utopia. With a variety of interactive displays, planetarium performances, and a 3D theatre that offer an immersive learning experience, this well-known location smoothly combines education and enjoyment. Science City’s displays include a wide range of fields, from physics as well as biology to astronomy and technology. Visitors may participate in practical experiments, learn about physics through engaging exhibits, and explore the intricate workings of the human body. For both children and adults, learning is made entertaining and interesting by the interactive aspect of the exhibitions.

South Park Street Cemetery

A compelling location in Kolkata that provides a rare fusion of history and peace is the South Park Street Cemetery. This colonial-era cemetery, which was established in 1767, is a reminder of the city’s illustrious history. You are immediately taken back in time as soon as you enter the cemetery, which is filled with monuments and mausoleums that showcase various architectural styles. The South Park Street Cemetery is a peaceful and contemplative place to walk. Visitors may fully savor the history and legends contained within the grounds due to the tranquil ambiance. The names of those whose contributions to Kolkata’s identity are commemorated on the tombstones range from merchants as well as artists to British officials and Indian celebrities.

Birla Planetarium

A mesmerising location that provides a fascinating tour of the cosmos is Kolkata’s Birla Planetarium. This celestial observatory offers an immersive view of the cosmos and is furnished with cutting-edge amenities. Visitors may take in enthralling astronomy and space-related events and displays at the Birla Planetarium. The auditorium’s dome form offers a believable and inspirational setting where one might be inspired by the grandeur of the cosmos. The planetarium offers spectacular images of celestial objects, cosmic occurrences, and astronomical phenomena using sophisticated projection technologies.


There are many fascinating locations to explore in Kolkata, a city that successfully combines heritage and modernity. The city’s attractions cater to a variety of interests and curiosities, from the magnificence of the Victoria Memorial to the spiritual ambiance of Dakshineswar Kali Temple. If you’re thinking of having a stay at the Kolkata Hyatt Regency it’s a really nice plan because it has so much to offer everyone, whether you’re a fan of history, art, spirituality, or science. So now just pamper yourself with the world-class amenities of Kolkata Hyatt Regency.