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Top 10 Best Wedding Planners in India

Top 5 Best Wedding Planners in India

There are several quality wedding planners in whole of the India to choose up from. Commonly, they actually arrange up weddings like the  beach weddings in Goa and the palace weddings in Rajasthan.

However, the weddings in some other destinations such as Kerala is possible too. Let’s get started with Top 5 Best Wedding Planners in India.

1. Weddings and Dreams

One of the most renowned, popular, talented and well established wedding planners in whole of the India is Weddings and Dreams they arrange up and elaborate up the weddings in Goa.

Many of the Traditional Indian weddings, The Goan Catholic weddings, and the weddings for foreigners and are all offered up here.

Basically the beach wedding packages start up from just a few snd few amount of about hundred dollars. You can also visit up their website for the downloadable brochures of the weddings, the wedding venues, and the all the extras too.

2. Wedding Planners Goa

Basically the Wedding Planners Goa organize up smaller scale theme weddings particulary in the city of beaches Goa for the foreigners and also the Non Resident Indians.

They are Specialized of the Indian style weddings, the beautiful beach weddings, and the Christian weddings. Visit up their website for the great photos and the details of the awesome wedding packages.

3. Golden Aisle

The Golden Aisle actually organizes up the small sized weddings that too for the foreigners in city of Goa, including  up the”no frills” bascially the sunset beach weddings (traditional or the Indian style) with or without up the legal registration.

They also offer up a complete and huge range of the wedding services, including up the invitations and the wedding outfits too, and  they are also flexible in putting up together a great package to meet up their client needs. You can also visit up their Website for more detailed Information.

4. Regal Weddings

The acclaimed and the extremely skileed Regal Weddings basically specializes up  in organizing the lavish  kind of weddings in the palace locations throughout the whole majestic city of Rajasthan, as well as some of the beach venues too in Goa and Kerala.

All of the sized weddings are actually  catered for from basically two people, to a great large scale weddings too.

Locations mainly include up the magnificent Fort like the Fateh Garh in Udaipur, The Devigarh Fort Palace nearby Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Gajner, and Samode Palace nearby Jaipur.

The Beach wedding packages mainly starts up from about $2,500. A great and extensive list of the wedding packages and the photos are basically available on their website.

5. Marry Me

Mainly, based up in Mumbai, Marry Me Wedding Planners actually focuses and takes up care of the main arrangements for the weddings of almost all of the sizes and budgets too, particularly being working in Mumbai and Goa but also across up the India.

They also cater up for both of the foreigners and the Indians too, basically up with weddings of all kind of  faiths and the cultures too.

The initial consultation up with Marry Me is mainly free, then a professional fee for planning is charged up. The company also has a great and useful wedding blog in addition to their very own website.

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6. Shaadi Squad

Wedding planning and production experts are known for arranging some of the country’s most extravagant yet understated ceremonies, like Anushka-Virat’s in Tuscany or Nick-Priyanka’s engagement ceremony.

Led by Tina Tharwani, Manoj Mittra, and Saurabh Malhotra, this bespoke company specializes in creating larger-than-life setups for special days like Anushka-Virat’s Tuscany wedding or Nick-Priyanka’s engagement ceremony.

Rather than wedding planners,” according to Tharwani,” we prefer calling ourselves production companies since our backgrounds lie in filmmaking,” she explains, “which made transitioning from creating concepts onscreen to making weddings very natural,” according to Tharwani at shaadisquad.com

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7. Reynold Weddings

Based in Goa, this wedding design and production company excels at meticulous planning, flawless execution, and creating unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. With 23 years of experience, their work exudes sheer elegance! reynoldweddings.com

8. Wedniksha

Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja’s wedding planning company was Wedniksha. Led by Sabbas Joseph – co-founder and director at Wizcraft International – Wedniksha has become one of India’s top wedding planning establishments with stunning ceremonies such as Hinduja, Poorna Patel-Namit Soni’s weddings, and Shriya Saran-Andrei Koscheev’s. With “creating the right decor, unparalleled hospitality, and strong logistics,” Joseph concludes at wedniksha.com.

9. Motwane Weddings

Aditya Motwane, the company owner who executed Nick and Priyanka’s ceremonies, has created elegant weddings for seven years. Every function is custom designed with meticulous attention to detail – “We’re known for tailor-made ceremonies that tell a story,” shares Motwane. Motwani. co

10. The Wedding Design Company

“The Wedding Design Company has revolutionized Indian weddings,” Vandana Mohan, founder and owner.

From intimate home-style ceremonies to grand affairs, their approach is immersive and all about creating an unforgettable experience for our clients,” Vandana adds.

With three decades of expertise in design, decor, and execution on a grand scale – The Wedding Design Company can boast clients like the Jindal wedding in Vienna or #DeepVeer in Lake Como, among many others – visit wdcindia.com today for more information!


Here, we give an end to the list of the best of the wedding planners in current in India, hope they plan up a great and beautiful theme for your wedding too, do give them a chance to make your special day more and more special, we hope to see you again on our platform, we’ll soon be coming back with lots of more articles, mainly based upon your interest, till then stay tuned. Thanks for Reading!