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5 Ways Businesses Can Improve Their Online Reputations


5 Ways Businesses Can Improve Their Online Reputations: Having a good reputation online can make or break your business. But how do you manage it while running a business? These methods can help you build a strong online presence and repair a damaged reputation.

5 Ways Businesses Can Improve Their Online Reputations

Expand Your Online Presence

With so many popular platforms these days, businesses must have multiple profiles in order to connect to potential customers. In addition to a website, having accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn helps people find you more easily. Depending what type of business you run, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Yellow Pages are also good bets. Having profiles on all of these platforms lets you monitor the reviews of your business better, as well as ensure that posted information, from contact info to company employees, is accurate.

Ask Customers to Write Reviews

Reviews are hugely important. Not only do they help potential customers choose whether or not to patronize your business, they may also push your company to the bottom of search engine results. Reach out to past clients via email or display a sign in your workplace offering an incentive to any customer who reviews your business online. This can be a coupon for their next visit or an entry to win a prize. Chances are, you’ll get more positive reviews, balancing out any negative ones that are already out there. 

Post Testimonials to Your Website

Simply seeing a star rating isn’t enough for many consumers. They want to know, in detail, how a product or service affected someone’s life. For this reason, customer testimonials have a huge impact on a business website. Ask your best customers to write a description of how your business helped them, then post these in a prominent location on your site. The bigger the names and the more varied the clients, the better!

Interact with Customers

Radio silence on negative reviews will only make customers more frustrated. Instead, aim to interact with customers online whether their post is positive or negative. This will make you appear friendly, caring, and professional. You can even share content from happy customers on your social media pages (with permission, of course) to show that you are engaged with clients, but also to give social proof that your product is great.

Try Post Removal Services

As a business person, you don’t have time to deal with a reputation tarnished by fake, negative, or defamatory online reviews. If your reputation has been really plagued with bad reviews on platforms like Pissed Consumer, consider using a post removal service. These services take legal steps to have negative posts removed so you can carry on with business as usual. 

No business can escape from online reviews. However, taking steps to repair damage done to your reputation and show the value of your product will help you attract new customers.

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