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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Creating a Photo Journal



4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Creating a Photo Journal: There’s plenty of writing on how useful journaling can be, and keeping a photo journal is easier than ever in the digital age. Whether you’re a photographer or not, it’s not hard to use your phone or an inexpensive camera to capture some of the most important moments of your life so you can save them.

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Creating a Photo Journal

What form your photo journaling takes is up to you. Some people like to take one photo a day, some once a week, and some people just journal when there’s an important event or milestone. However you like to journal, there are a lot of benefits to taking time to record your thoughts and the images that accompany them, including boosting your memory and improving your concentration. Let’s go over four reasons you should consider a photo journal.

  1. A journal is a place to save your memories

A photo journal tells a story through images and words and can help you remember not only what happened, but the way events unfolded in a sequential fashion. The act of photographing and journaling about an event can help you commit it to memory all on its own. Some people only document the big moments in life, but many find value in documenting the small events of their day-to-day lives to show how special even the most ordinary-seeming day can be.

  1. Journaling is good for your mental health.

Using a creative outlet to work through your problems and emotions can have incredibly positive effects on your emotional wellbeing. Many NYC therapists, and those around the country, recommend journaling for its many mental health benefits. Expressing your feelings via photography and writing is far better for you than keeping them bottled up. Many people find that writing or creating art in relation to a problem helps clear their mind and allow them to focus on other things. If you struggle with your mental health, try journaling, and see if it provides any relief for you.

  1. You can improve your photographic skills.

Even if you don’t have any interest in photography professionally, using your camera regularly will improve your skills. You might not need to take photos at work, but being able to take great shots on vacation and when you’re with your friends and family is a nice perk of getting more comfortable behind the camera. If you’re looking for somewhere to store all your new pictures, meet IBI.

IBI is an online photo storage device that functions as a personal cloud for all your media. You can even share them with family and friends. If you’re using a camera instead of a phone, increased use will help you get comfortable changing the settings and figuring out what works best for you.

  1. Keeping a journal can reduce your stress.

It’s hard to find ways to relax and de-stress when our work and lives keep us so busy. A photo journal is a fairly low-effort way to create an enjoyable goal for yourself, which can be satisfying on its own and help you to relax. Incorporating journaling into your lifestyle regularly over a long period of time, our brains are even capable of changing so they recognize the activity as a safe zone for reflection. When you’re overwhelmed or have too much going on in your head, releasing it and using those feelings to create something can release a lot of the tension you’re feeling.

You might not have any experience in photography, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy keeping a photo journal for yourself. Saving the most important moments of your life, and some of the most mundane can help you look back on your journey as a person and the memories you created. You can share the photography from your journal with your friends and family online if you want and use the experience to bring everyone closer together.

Whatever your motivation or goal is, there are so many ways that journaling can improve your life, and incorporating images has never been easier. If you have some free time and a way to snap photos, consider a journal for your next project.


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