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3 ways to build brand awareness on social media



3 ways to build brand awareness on social media: Have you ever looked at your competitor’s Facebook and wondered how they managed to get so much engagement? If you are not doing as well as you’d like to, you may be struggling with making your brand stand out. Creating brand awareness may be your top priority, but with the modern competitive landscape, it’s becoming harder as brands compete to blow the loudest horn. To get your target audiences’ attention, you need a brand awareness strategy. 

3 ways to build brand awareness on social media

The best social media companies Dubai always tries to ensure that brand awareness always leads to sales and revenues. You need to understand that agencies, which tell you that sales are an impossible KPI from social media are not willing to put in the effort. The brand building or awareness should always be followed by or tied to a sales angle. This is the entire purpose of spreading awareness. The entire content strategy on social media should have a logical loop, at the end of which is the process of redirecting your target audiences to a brand’s business or e-commerce website.

  • Give your social media personality 

Ever heard the phrase’ if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it?’ While the statement holds to a lot of digital marketing elements, it won’t hold where emulating your competitors is a concern. Besides your audience noticing the obvious similarity, you risk becoming robotic in the process. Copying is no way to build trust with your audience.  

You may borrow a few ideas, but Maryville University advises that you create a unique voice for your brand. When used correctly, you will find brand mentions, see your audience increase, and have enough data to help you learn more about your customers and what they think about your products and services. 

  • Work on your social profiles 

People need to recognize you when they visit your social sites. They shouldn’t have to guess whether it’s you or not or wonder why your brand colors seem different. Their attention span is also reducing every day, so you only have a few seconds to grab and hold their attention. Have a well-organized profile and use photos to spell out your brand. Consider each profile as a landing page for your brand, and for most people, this landing page will be their first encounter with you. Use the profile name customers are likely to search for and use keywords and phrases that help potential customers find you easily. For instance, the woman behind Men With Pens isn’t called James Chartrand, but that’s the name she uses on Twitter.  

  • Create posts that pop

Creativity will score you major points with your followers, so don’t be afraid to go all out. Start by creating a kickass content that’s fresh and easy to read to get people excited about what you will post next. Include images and make them pop by using bold colors. Don’t be afraid of emoticons and GIFs. If you are posting a blog you’ve written, use illustrations and image macros instead of plain text. Remember to tag others and get them talking. Tagging amplifies your content, and when people you tag receive notifications, you get an extra point for engagement. Tagging is also a great way to impress other industry players, so give others a shoutout and use hashtags. 

There are other elements to consider, among them smart commenting, captions, and repurposing your content. But, the tips we’ve discussed will give you a head start. Remember, your voice and tone should be similar across all social media platforms. Using the same voice and tone helps your audience feel the familiarity of talking to the ‘same person.’


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