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Zareen Khan’s Accusation of “Aksar 2” Makers

Aksar 2
Aksar 2

Zareen Khan has been making waves in Hollywood for over a decade now, yet her struggles as an outsider only compound over time. When filming Aksar 2 in 2017, her post-production experience hit headlines and became one of its defining features, alongside the cast of Aksar 2, which included notable names like Gautam Rode, Abhinav Shukla, and Lillete Dubey.

Aksar 2
Aksar 2

She accused the creators and team members of being unprofessional and mistreating her. Additionally, she accused Varun Bajaj as producers for not providing adequate security or taking proper care when making public appearances.

As per reports, Varun Bajaj made attempts to clear up confusion and counter rumor-mill gossip.

“Zareen Khan and her team agreed to the full tour schedule two days before her departure date. Unfortunately, she reneged on all commitments save for press conferences and sponsor visits.” She failed to even complete one day of promotions, which caused great distress among the producers; as a result they had to provide compensation and were harassed and threatened until late into the night.

The story that she almost got molested is completely false; instead she left the venue throwing tantrums and arguing with sponsors over not wanting to stay or eat there – and with four bodyguards and her manager. She sat in the sponsor’s car after having an argument and shouting at them, prompting the sponsor to withhold its key from her – however the makers arranged another car which took them safely to a hotel where Zareen left without telling the makers or informing them. According to one producer “Zareen has caused filmmakers numerous headaches and caused losses”, according to him.

“They wanted me to wear minimal clothing for every frame; of course I will raise questions and put my foot down na?” Zareen exclaimed.

Talking about how the producers raised the level of vulgarity in Aksar 2, she revealed: “Kissing scenes were increased without explanation or compensation; my efforts on Aksar 2 were treated poorly by its makers; any addition of content should have been discussed mutually beforehand – so much so, that they have attempted to save themselves with illegal tactics such as adding scenes for no apparent reason, leaving me without an opportunity to voice my concerns to court”.

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